Chaplains retire from the cloth

by Chris Cole

Things must come to an end if a new chapter is to begin. The Reverends Bruno Ugliano, more commonly known as Father Bruno, and Nancy Schluter are both leaving their roles as chaplains and starting new chapters, although both in very different ways.

Ugliano is going into full retirement, while Schluter is only retiring from being a chaplain, and will remain involved and connected with students at Rider.

Schluter added that she will still participate in events like the Midnight Run, Trenton Soup Kitchen and Crop Walk.

“[Since I will no longer be] chaplain I can go on trips and participate in events without having to organize them,” she said.

While Schluter looks forward to a still-busy schedule, Ugliano is anticipating much-needed relaxation.

“It’s sad to be leaving Rider, but my health is failing and I’ve decided to take it easy,” he said.

Ugliano and Schulter hold both their replacements in high regard. Ugliano’s replacement is Ian Trammell.

“There’s no mold that a chaplain has to fit into,” Ugliano said. “Everyone who comes to this job brings his or her own personality and approach. It’s a breath of fresh air.”

The Rev. Dawn Adamy, who works part-time at The College of New Jersey, is someone whose strong faith will go a long way, according to Schluter.

“She gets along wonderfully with people and has a strong faith that doesn’t waver,” said Schluter. “She’s committed to [reach out] to those who are oppressed.”

Schluter said she hopes that she has encouraged unity during her time as chaplain at Rider.

“I hope that what I’ve done has helped to show that people of strong faith can work together on issues,” she said.

At a farewell party for Ugliano held at the Student Recreation Center, friends, colleagues and students came to say goodbye and honor Ugliano’s 12 years of service at Rider. He said that the event was an opportunity for him to thank his colleagues and celebrate how the students he has mentored have blossomed.

“I have been pleased to watch students come to Rider, accept the challenges offered and develop into fine leaders after graduation,” Ugliano said. “I will always cherish the fine leadership and membership in Catholic Campus Ministries which has made these 12 years so fulfilling and enjoyable.”

Dean of Students Anthony Campbell said that Ugliano will be missed.

“He’s a wonderful part of the community and he taught us how to serve,” Campbell said. “He understands others so well and is so compassionate. We’re going to miss his presence, but his legacy will stay.”

Ugliano’s ability to connect with students is a major part of his impact, according to a professor in Rider’s Management Department, Mark Sandberg.

“I admire him because he really reaches out to students and helps them out when they’re going through tough times,” he said.

Junior Joe Hafey, who has been a mentee of Father Bruno’s, described him as a man who has served many roles.

“He’s truly unique because he not only plays the role of priest, but [also] as mentor,” Hafey said. “We’re sad to see him go and we wish him success in the next chapter of his life.”

Ugliano’s selflessness is a recurring theme that has defined his time spent at Rider, according to Associate Dean of Students Larry Johnson.

“What he has always brought to the table is that it was never about him, it was about his mission to the University,” Johnson said. “That’s what made him so unique.”

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