Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit

Students enjoy the extensive buffet provided with all of the essential Chinese staples, such as lo mein, fried rice and dumplings.
Sophomore William You displays his karate skills as he breaks a wooden block with his bare foot.

Although the conventional New Year has already passed, Rider recognized and celebrated the Year of the Rabbit for the Chinese New Year on Feb. 12.

Upon entering the Cavalla Room in the BLC, people were immersed in the Chinese culture.

The room itself was simply decorated with traditional Chinese trinkets such as lanterns, colorful balloons and bright accessories. Behind the stage was a large banner that read “Happy New Year.” There were many Chinese exchange students, families and friends who gathered in this one room.

President Mordechai Rozanski opened the event and professor of Communication, Dr. Minmin Wang, translated in Chinese.
Afterwards, Chinese food was served for dinner. Many people attempted to eat the traditional way with chopsticks. While eating, people were entertained by a plethora of performances, which ranged from singing, dancing, poetry, instrumental and various forms of martial arts. A video was also played explaining the Chinese New Year.

There was a sense of pride for one’s culture. Many of those who attended were elegantly dressed in traditional Chinese attire. The Bronc acted as the DJ of the night, providing traditional Chinese music and even Chinese pop.

Traditional Chinese candies were scattered about the table,  and red envelopes with gold calligraphy were placed neatly on the surface with chocolate Chinese coins inside.

Tables were set up with activities for people to engage in such as paper cutting, lantern making and riddle solving.
— Monica Jaramillo

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