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  • Photo of An Ode to Movie Rental Stores

    An Ode to Movie Rental Stores

    By Casey Gale When I was little, my parents would take me to Blockbuster on Friday night. As we entered the store, there were movies…

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  • Water: The Gift of Life

    By Bryan Griffith It’s worth more than gold and more important than gas. It’s at the source of every major civilization and has dominated the…

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  • By Bryan Griffith You hear about it almost every day and it seems to follow you everywhere. Your mom used it as an argument to…

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  • Big problems, simple solutions

    By Bryan Griffith I don’t think this is news to you but our world is getting bigger. More people are occupying the same space, which…

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  • Photo of Technology Blog: 3D Printing

    Technology Blog: 3D Printing

    By Bryan Griffith Technology is advancing and it’s going faster than ever. Our transition into the digital age has started a new tidal wave of…

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  • Augmented Reality

    By Brian Griffith Computer technology has reached a point of exponential evolution, shaping our lives and our reality. We use cell phones, computers, tablets and…

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  • Photo of Music streaming

    Music streaming

    By Melissa Lindley As a music aficionado and technology addict, combining the two in some fashion is for myself, a guaranteed time-waster and a way…

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