Catch Me aims for ‘sparkle and a lot of heart’

By Erica Podosek

Catch Me If You Can is a story that will intrigue its audience with unexpected twists and turns following the character of Frank Abagnale through his journey of love and forgery. His lies catch the attention of an FBI agent who won’t rest until he puts a stop to the trail Abagnale is leaving across the country.

According to director Robin Lewis, audiences can expect to thoroughly enjoy this production. His enthusiasm for large dance numbers is sure to please any musical fan, and the small, earnest moments will touch the hearts of viewers.

“Some audience members will find the story fascinating, as it is a true story,” Lewis said. “And for those that love musical theater, you have high energy, big dance production numbers and beautiful leggy ladies of the ensemble. It is also very close to the movie, for those that like the movie with Leo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.”

Lewis praised the cast members’ hard work, especially for the choreography, leading him to believe the audience is truly seeing the next generation of Broadway performers here at Rider.

According to senior musical theater major Emma Rose Brooks, who portrays Paula Abagnale, the most exciting aspect of this production is the challenge of perfecting her character’s French accent.

Brooks also noted how relatable the story can be to divorce and separation, and the toll it takes on a family. This notion ultimately drives the plot of Catch Me If You Can. Brooks mentioned the audience should be aware of the extravagence of the play but not let it overshadow the touching storyline.

“The audience is going to be blown away by the spectacle, while also having their heartstrings tugged at by the small, beautiful moments,” she said. “This story has a lot of sparkle and a lot of heart.”

The many components of this musical and the emotions of the plot make it one that will stand out and leave an everlasting mark. Since the musical is based on a true story, the emotions are all too real, cast members said.

For sophomore musical theater major Nick Ziobro, who portrays Frank Abagnale Jr., the emotional impact is a part of the qualities that will make Catch Me If You Can a standout Rider production.

“One of my favorite things about playing Frank Jr. is that he is based on a real person,” Ziobro said. “[He is a] kid who became one of the biggest thieves of the 20th century and has a really interesting story.”

According to the cast, it can be assured that no one will leave the musical feeling disappointed or underwhelmed. The enormous amount of heart and hard work put into the show will truly represent the talent that the cast possesses and has put forth.

Audiences can experience the wild ride of excitement and emotion when Catch Me If You Can hits the Yvonne Theater stage from Nov. 19 to Nov. 21. There will be a preview performance on Nov. 18.

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Printed in the 11/18/15 edition.

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