Cassandra Sun

By Kimberly Leder

Cassandra Sun

Their bio on Facebook is simple: Nice guys from New York trying to make the best music possible. And they just might be on to something.

Cassandra Sun is composed of four guys who simply love music, and more importantly, creating it for others to enjoy.

Only coming together this past year, the group has gained 170 likes on Facebook and 71 followers on Twitter, with their recently released third music video and third live performance to come next month.

The band includes Matthew Delgado, vocals; Vlad Tipicidi, guitar; Joseph Marlin, bass; and Landon Baldwin, drums.

Front man Matthew Delgado can also be seen on Rider’s Lawrenceville campus and is a senior popular music culture major.

“I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember,” said Delgado. “There was always music playing in my house. Both of my grandfathers taught themselves how to play the guitar and my grandfather on my father’s side was a mariachi singer. In fact, my grandmother has recordings of me at five years old singing. In the fourth grade, I actually got started playing percussion instruments and I still love playing anything that I can make beats with.”

A response to an ad that Delgado put in the paper was answered by Tipicidi which then began the formation of Cassandra Sun. Marlin joined when the two were in need of a “really good” bassist, while Marlin’s friend, Baldwin, was the last to join with his superb drumming earning him a spot behind the set.

Since then, the guys have covered songs and, of course, written their own, making the process a conjoined effort.

Matthew Delgado, front

“Our songwriting process is pretty much a complete band effort,” Delgado said. “It starts off as [Marlin] or I making a rough draft of a song and then sharing with the rest of the group. Once everyone listens to it, each member makes a rough draft of their own part. Then we meet up for practice and bounce ideas off each other until the song takes shape and we keep working on it until the song is as perfect as we can get it.”

For those of you interested in the original music, on Nov.2nd, Cassandra Sun will be performing at the Fontana in New York City .

In addition, they urge fans and fellow classmates to check out their third music video for their song “Just Say”.

“My favorite part has to be seeing the lyrics and songs that I write come to life,” said Delgado. “I only play a little bit of the keyboard, so my rough drafts are as rough as they come. When they get transformed into finished songs, I sometimes have to take a step back and really appreciate all the work we’ve put into our art.”

Four guys. One City. Endless possibilities.

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