Cannon update

By Thomas Albano and Alexis Schulz

Jon Cannon, the man allegedly responsible for two sexual offenses in West Village and trespassing in the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority house in September, was released after posting bail on Oct. 13.

At the bail reconsideration hearing, Cannon’s bail was reduced from the original $130,000. It was originally reported that Cannon’s bail was then set at $70,000. However, according to Casey DeBlasio, spokeswoman from the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office, the bail was lowered to $25,000 for the crimes that occurred on Rider’s campus.

In addition to the Rider incidents, Cannon was arrested twice over the summer, once in July for attempted auto theft and once in August for break-ins around the White Horse area of Hamilton.

Cannon was scheduled for a pre-indictment conference (PIC) hearing on Oct. 15 at the Mercer County Superior Court. However, on that date, an official from the court told Rider News reporters that Cannon was incarcerated again. This could not be confirmed.

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