Candidates for Secretary

mcbride-cc-cweb.jpgName: Megan McBride
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Nutley, N.J.
Major: Elementary Education and ISM-Life Science, Biology
Clubs/Organizations: Leadership Development Program; SGA, Clubs and Organizations Chair; RHA, Executive Board Secretary; Concert Band, clarinet; Chess Club.
What issue(s) is/are most important to you in this election? The issues now that I feel the most passionate about are parking, housing and recycling.
If you win, how do you plan to address the issue(s) you feel are important? I would address the parking issue by checking the feasibility, cost and permits required for building a second level above the present parking area.
As far as the housing issue, I would check to see if there are any garden apartments or condos available that Rider students could avail themselves of prior to having changed the on-campus housing policy. I would research shuttle buses for any students having to commute from an off-campus housing site.
I feel very strongly that the Rider campuses should recycle glass, plastic and newspapers. I would have more recycle cans easily available to use and try to educate students as to the potential repercussions to our environment because of not recycling. I would try to eliminate the use of paper by trying to make fliers and newspapers electronically available.

premselaar-cc-web.jpgName: Stephanie Premselaar
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Fair Lawn, N.J.
Major: Elementary Education/American Studies
Clubs/Organizations: Emerging Leaders; Freshman Class President; SGA,
Bronc Aide; Alpha Xi Delta.
Why are you running for this position? I feel that the past two years have really given me the ability to see firsthand how much effort and commitment goes into SGA. I feel I am qualified and ready to fulfill the duties of the SGA Secretary because I encompass the abilities to be successful in the position, not only because I am a well organized person, but also because I have had the experience of being in SGA for two years. A strong SGA Secretary becomes the backbone for the organization, and that is something I feel I am ready to take on.
What issue(s) is/are most important to you in this election? On-campus parking, academic advising and class size, I feel, are the most important issues.
What qualities do you think an SGA leader should have? One of the best qualities any leader can have is experience, and SGA leaders are no different. I feel that people learn best through their experiences and as someone who has experienced and learned about SGA for the past two years, I feel I encompass the knowledge to be an effective SGA leader. I also believe that SGA leaders should be organized and always have the student body in mind.

romano-cc-cweb.jpgName: Frank Romano
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Bayonne, N.J.
Major: Secondary Education and History
Clubs/Organizations: Residence Life, Resident Advisor; Emerging Leaders; Freshman Mentor Program; Office of Admissions, Tour Guide
What issue(s) is/are most important to you in this election? Student satisfaction is the most important issue to me. Between the upheaval over the housing lottery, concern over the perceived lack of programming and the alcohol policy, students seemed to be unhappy about a lot of things going on this year.
A complaint many students have regards a perceived lack of weekend programming. What do you think SGA should do to confront this issue? Another role I could take on as Secretary would be that of a reporter; every student who is unhappy with the weekend programming should be given a forum to explain what he or she dislikes, and the SGA should be responsible for trying to meet the demands of the students. My job would be to receive and report those feelings. Through a survey or series of discussions, complaints could be made so that progress could be made. For those happy with weekend programming, their voices should be heard as well.

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