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pawelko-cc-cweb.jpgName: Brian Pawelko
Year: Junior
Hometown: Monroe Township, N.J.
Major: Journalism (Public Relations)
Clubs/Organizations: SGA, Lambda Pi Eta, Leadership Development Program.
Why are you running for this position? Since my freshman year I have seen some aspects that I wanted to see changed at Rider. I saw the important role SGA played in creating change on the Lawrenceville campus and got involved as the Public Relations chair. This year I have enjoyed working on a number of different issues to represent the student body as SGA Vice President. I want to bring the experience I have gained over the past two years, along with my passion to represent students as SGA President. I want to lead the organization as it attempts to tackle issues of paramount concern to the student body.
What issue(s) is/are most important to you in this election? Why? There are three issues that I feel are most important during this election and the 2008-2009 year: the Alcohol Policy, housing and academics. Both the SGA and the administration should sit down and talk with the townships regarding ways to better handle alcohol on campus. It’s also crucial to have SGA leadership that ensures that current students have priority over incoming freshmen when it comes to housing. Finally, several academic features need to be improved, including academic advising and class availability.
What will you do to uphold the mission of the University to be student-centered? The answer is school pride. We don’t need to invent traditions. Weekend programming such as Bronc Buffets and Bronc Bingo need to continue as usual. SGA will sponsor events that rally around our athletic teams. Students need to continue wearing school colors and SGA can brainstorm ideas, which could include giving away Rider apparel.
What qualities do you think an SGA leader should have? An SGA leader needs to keep the organization on track and focused on the big picture. Sometimes it may be easy to get distracted or veer off track, but a leader needs to keep the group focused on issues that are important. In addition, an SGA leader should be able to write and speak well.

phillips-cc-cweb.jpgName: Danielle Phillips
Year: Junior
Hometown: Mount Olive, N.J.
Major: Journalism (Public Relations)
Clubs/Organizations: SGA Public Relations Chair, Potty Pages Writer; Big Brother Big Sister Recruiter and Mentor; The Rider News Staff Writer; Finance Board 2006-2007; Freshman Seminar and Emerging Leaders Mentor; Rider Rumba Organizer; Adventure Club Treasurer; Event Executives President; Summer Study Tours Counselor; Intern with the Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce.
Why are you running for this position? I believe that I can have a positive impact on student life in a variety of different ways: ensuring effective communication, listening to student issues and being a voice of student advocacy.
What issue(s) is/are most important to you in this election? Why? Housing, parking, weekend programming, academic advising and school pride are only a few of the many issues that I plan to tackle in the upcoming year if elected as SGA President. It is important that students have their voices heard about real issues that impact their lives as students on this campus.
A complaint many students have regards a perceived lack of weekend programming. What do you think SGA should do to confront this issue? There should be more effort made to work together with SEC to keep weekend programming up. Unfortunately, the campus culture has gone through major changes in the last year or so, but I believe that these changes can continue to positively affect weekend programming. It is so important to listen to students’ opinions on weekend programming because there is almost $1 million of student money to be spent each year and it should be known that it needs to be taken advantage of.
What qualities do you think an SGA leader should have? A leader of SGA should have passion above all things. It takes a special kind of person to generate change and really care about what other people have to say. Being an SGA leader also takes dedication to each and every project that they encounter. Following through on projects will often separate those that you can depend on and those that you can’t. Through my time with SGA I have proven that I can be depended on for giving input, leading projects, and being dedicated from beginning to end with everything that I do.

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