Campus to get a little MAGIC!

MAGIC!, the band responsible for one of the summer’s top hits, “Rude,” will be performing for the annual fall concert on Rider’s campus mall on Sept. 14 at 2 p.m.
MAGIC!, the band responsible for one of the summer’s top hits, “Rude,” will be performing for the annual fall concert on Rider’s campus mall on Sept. 14 at 2 p.m.

By Danielle Gitteman

It seems as if every time you change radio stations, “Rude” by the band MAGIC! is playing. There’s no denying that “Rude” is one of the hits of the summer.
The Student Entertainment Council (SEC) is excited to announce that MAGIC! will be the main act for this year’s fall concert. The band, hailing from Canada, will perform songs from its debut album, Don’t Kill the Magic, including the popular hit “Rude,” which reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in July 2014. This debut single is currently No. 5.
The fall concert is not as late as in previous years: The band is set to perform on the Campus Green Sept.14 at 2 p.m. The SEC hopes that having the concert soon after classes start will kick off the school year with a bang.
“This year the concert is early,” said the assistant director of Campus Life, Nick Barbati. “We really wanted to be able to get some exciting events to the students earlier.”
Also different from previous years, the concert will be outdoors, weather permitting. Barbati hopes that the outdoor venue will make it even more exciting. He knows that the weather could be an issue.
Students agree that this change in venue will enhance the concert experience.
“I think having the concert outside will make it more fun because we won’t be crammed in a gym and we will be able to enjoy the beautiful fall weather while listening to good live music,” said senior digital media major Sam Breccia.
Although MAGIC! is rather new to the music scene, booking the band was something that the SEC couldn’t refuse. The debut single was climbing up the charts and with the buzz surrounding the band, the SEC was thrilled to book it, Barbati explained.
He also stated that the band’s schedule worked out perfectly with the day and time that the SEC was trying to plan the concert, not to mention fitting in with the financial capabilities.
“I think MAGIC! is a great choice for our fall concert,” said freshman journalism major Brandon Scalea. “Everyone knows the song ‘Rude’ and this band has quickly become a household name. I think MAGIC! will become much more popular in a few years and we could proudly say that we saw them in concert when they first started.”
MAGIC! has a catchy reggae and Caribbean feel to its music, which is different from fall concert artists in the past, such as Kelly Rowland and J Cole.
Opening up for MAGIC! will be Samantha J, a reggae singer from Jamaica known for her hit “Tight Skirt” in 2013. The two artists not only share a similar sound, but also a record label.
According to Barbati, Samantha J has toured with MAGIC! before, which was why booking her along with the band was an easy task.
Kat Dahlia will also be joining these two artists as an opening act.
Since this year is Rider’s 150th anniversary, the SEC wants to make the events even more special.
“I think it’s going to be ultra memorable,” said Barbati. “It’s going to stick out as compared to other shows we’ve had.”


Printed in the 9/3/14 edition.

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