Campus legacies brought together in Mercer Room

Students and alumni gather for a family weekend event on Nov. 5.
Students and alumni gather for a family weekend event on Nov. 5.

By Jen Boyer

Every fall, Rider celebrates its legacy by welcoming back members of the cranberry community as well as current students for a fun-filled Family Weekend.

Currently, there are 142 undergrad legacy students. This year, the students who have alumni family members were invited to the Rider and Westminster Legacy Family Breakfast.

Many families gathered together in the Mercer Room at Daly’s Dining Hall last weekend to celebrate their time at Rider. Multiple generations sat around tables enjoying breakfast and discussing their favorite college pastimes.

“I like how it’s small and intimate and very family orientated and not at a big hall where it’s very crowded and loud,” said Dawn Muziani, ’90.

Her daughter, Julia Muziani, a sophomore psychology major, transferred to Rider this year. This is the first year that Dawn Muziani participated in family weekend with her daughter.

“It’s a great event,” Dawn Muziani said. “I enjoy the time that I get to spend with my daughter and this is one of our first events.”

Dawn Muziani appreciated her Rider experience and is glad to share the memories she had here with her daughter at family weekend this year. Along with Dawn Muziani and her daughter, other alumni got to have a great time at the breakfast with their children.

“I was very interested [in] this event. This is the first thing to participate in as an alumni,” said Miza Lewis, ’15.

Lewis was able to commemorate her time at Rider with her daughter Jazmyne Fletcher, a freshman accounting major, and cherishes the time they got to spend together this weekend.

“It’s weird coming back as an alumni and I didn’t know what to expect,” Lewis said. “It’s nice.”

Lewis was able to participate in her first alumni event last weekend and is looking forward to more in the future. It was a change for her to come back to Rider now that she’s no longer a student.

The annual legacy breakfast brings families together to memorialize great times at Rider. Also, it gives a chance for alumni from past generations to meet each other.


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