Campus housing may change into lottery system

By Julia Ernst

Residence Life has begun taking steps to make several large changes to the way students choose their housing arrangements, the Student Government Senate announced at this week’s meeting.

Associate Director of Residence Life Stephanie Polak clarified some of the new changes that will be taking effect for next year’s resident students.

“We have asked almost every New Jersey institution what they do, and most use a lottery system,” said Polak.

Part of the new system includes a widespread lottery that current sophomores and juniors will have to enter into. These students will be assigned points and those points will then be used to determine when one is allowed to have a chance in the lottery.

Another element that will be changing is the housing deposit that students are required to submit.

“The deadline is Friday, March 14, and it is a $200 deposit,” said Polak. “If you miss that deadline, you will automatically be wait-listed.”

According to Brian Pawelko, vice president of SGA, the new rules are only projected to affect between 100 and 200 students.

“Students should not fear losing housing at this point,” he said.

More information will be available next week when Director of Residence Life Cindy Threatt and the housing committee present to the Senate the proposed changes.

The meeting is Tuesday at 11:30 in Sweigart Auditorium.

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