Cabs to aid students

A student looks at artist’s Nancy Hagin’s work,who will speak Thursday, March 13, at 7 p.m., in the Bart Luedeke Center Art Gallary. The exhibit of Hagin’s artwork opened yesterday.

by Danielle Flood

Rider may soon have a taxicab service to pick up students from an environment that may make them feel unsafe.

Charges will be billed, so no cash is necessary.

“Our goal is to try to get the program instituted before the end of this semester so we can have a trial period before next fall,” said Mark Fisher, substance abuse coordinator. “Safe Rides is still in the early stages. It’s not totally done yet.”

Early last semester, the Lawrenceville Student Senate expressed concern about students driving to and from off- campus parties where alcohol may be served.

“A lot of the drinking has been moved off campus,” Fisher said.

Safe Rides will hopefully be a way to get students safely to and from campus.

As a result, a committee was formed that includes Fisher, SGA President Laura Vendetta and Vice President Brian Pawelko, students from Peer Health On Campus Unites Students and other student involvement.

“This isn’t confirmed yet but I think it’s going to be Yellow Cab Company,” Vendetta said. “We’re still in the process of working it out and presenting the proposal. And then we’ll work on a contract.”

Rider would be able to use their student ID to the driver and then be billed through the Bursar’s office.

The cab company, which is still under negotiations with the University, has not been named yet.

It is undecided if the full or partial amount of the cab ride will be billed to the student’s account. Funding from SGA and other areas may be available to help out with billing.

The taxi service will be available for students seven days a week and for different types of functions, not just for parties that involve drinking.

“Students may need a safe ride back from anywhere, not always in an emergency situation,” noted Fisher.

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