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Sophomore Demara Barnes shares her Bronc Vision experience.






By Sierra McCoy

Sports are no stranger to sophomore radio, TV and film major, Demara Barnes, as she plans to use them to make a living. 

Barnes had been working with BroncVision, an organization that films the sporting events that happen on campus, such as women’s and men’s basketball games, wrestling, track and field and field hockey, for two years. 

“Eventually, in my future career, I want to be a sports broadcaster,” said Barnes, who contributes to sports streams on ESPN3. 

Barnes’ favorite part about her job is knowing her strengths, weaknesses and needs of improvements, especially on camera.

“I am better at filming than I am dealing with technical graphics or replay. I’m better with just filming the games and maneuvering the camera,” said Barnes. 

Prior to working with BroncVision, Barnes didn’t know that she was skilled in working with cameras, as opposed to working with technicalities. 

Senior digital media, radio, TV and film major Melissa Chircop, who had been with BroncVision since her freshman year, has learned a variety of skills with her experience.

Now, at ESPN as well as BroncVision games, Chircop is responsible for directing the games. 

Chircop does not work with cameras much anymore since BroncVision has a production truck that requires crew members to operate it but, if needed, she always does what she has to do. 

“Since we have a truck, there’s a graphics job where they put up the graphics during the game, and I’ll do that,” Chircop said. “There are two directors, so if the other guy is there, then I will do whatever else is needed.”

Chircop was responsible for several other tasks, including doing live replays from the games and putting up commercials during the ESPN streaming. She was also responsible for pivot, which was when the replays were sent to her section and she placed it in a highlight reel.

“After the game, if I was directing the game, I do the post-game interviews,” said Chircop. “So, it is interviewing the coach and, sometimes, they will have a player with them, depending on if they win the match or game. After that, I go to the computer and do a package for the GoBroncs website.”

Chircop described BroncVision, as fast-paced and expressed how she has made friends as well.

“You can have two basketball games within the same week, and it can be two totally different experiences,” said Chircop. “Even though it’s the same sport, something can happen in one game and you just think, ‘Well, I was not expecting that.’”

During her freshman year, Chircop did not consider working in sports, but working with this group had exposed her to new beginnings, as well as developing her growth.

“This experience made me think that I can work for a sports team or somewhere sports related after college,” said Chircop. “It made me think of another career option that I wouldn’t have thought of if I didn’t start working there.”

As for Barnes, being partnered with ESPN3, allowed her to get ahead and have experience as well. She believed working with an organization that has partnered with a network as big as this can provide many opportunities. 

“That could potentially be a great internship for me, whether it be my junior year or my senior year that I decide I want to look at internships,” said Barnes.

For anyone that wishes to get involved with activities or jobs on campus that will help with future careers, Barnes and Chircop suggested that students get involved with what sparks a passion and will be beneficial in the future.

“Get involved,” said Chircop. “It’s good if you’re an incoming freshman or sophomore to network and connect with people.”

Barnes believed that people can experience what they do in its entirety, when it’s enjoyed.

“It’s going to get you far,” said Barnes. “Don’t do it if you don’t want to do it because then you won’t have fun, and it won’t get you anywhere.” 

To become a part of BroncVision, all that is needed is basic photography knowledge.

“You don’t have to be a specific major to be in BroncVision,” said Barnes. “Anyone can join as long as you have some qualifications that go with holding a camera and knowing how to work a camera.”

Students that are interested in learning more about BroncVision can contact Chris Foster at

Published in the 12/5/18 edition.

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