BroncFest creates hype

By Carlos Toro and Claire-Francesse Dalzon

DJ Mike B performed live at the Electric Jungle on Feb. 20.
DJ Mike B performed live at the Electric Jungle on Feb. 20.

What is the French word for heart? What were Rider University’s colors before they were changed to white and cranberry? Who is the only Simpson character that has five fingers? Those are just a few examples of the many trivia questions that were asked during Quizzo, the BroncFest post-game event held at the Rider Pub on Feb. 18.

“We wanted to infuse some Rider spirit into the post-game party,” said Richard Kopp, director of Campus Life. “So we thought Quizzo would be a great way to do so by incorporating ‘Rider-themed’ questions throughout the contest. This enabled us to keep the ‘Celebrate Rider Pride’ theme of BroncFest: Winter Weekend going strong into the first night of the weekend’s festivities.”

After the women’s basketball team won its game against St. Peter’s on Feb. 18, students were invited to a free appetizer buffet and separated into groups in order to participate in the four rounds of Quizzo.

“I had played Quizzo before off-campus at a fundraiser for my brother’s soccer team and loved it,” said Alexis Bonamassa, SGA’s spirits and traditions chair and head of BroncFest planning committee. “So when Richard mentioned it, I immediately said yes.”

Each team was allowed to create its own name: Rider Die, The Other Vagina, Model UN, Helen Keller’s Hide & Seek and Team No Phone were some of the interesting monikers.

The event was hosted by Quiz-Master Irish John, one of Philly’s best and most experienced Quiz-Masters, whose role was to ask the questions throughout the night and make sure to jokingly chastise those he saw using their phones trying to cheat.

“We hope to build on the momentum for next year and promote it further in advance,” Kopp said. “We were competing for attendance with other traditional Thursday night options as well.”

About 75 students attended the first night of BroncFest, and the top three winning groups left with some Rider gear as their reward.

“I was satisfied with the turnout,” Bonamassa said. “I hope there is an even better attendance next year if we do decide to do it again. But I was happy with who came out, and I thought the event was very entertaining. I think everyone enjoyed themselves.”

The festivities continued on Feb. 19 when Rider SGA hosted a tailgate just hours before the men’s basketball game against Siena. Located just outside Alumni Gym, students had the opportunity to eat food, play games on the Campus Mall and even hop onto a video game truck.

This was the prelude to the “White Out” game in which students were given white T-shirts just before entering the court. Alumni Gym was filled to the brim with more than 1,500 in attendance, most donning white attire, cheering loud and proud for their Broncs.

The following night had students dancing the night away at the Rider Pub at the Electric Jungle. The event, hosted by Rider’s 107.7 The Bronc radio station, featured live performances by DJ Mike B and Rider sophomore Anthony Graybush, also known as DJ Infinite.

More than 100 students attended the event. The award ceremony for the winning Greek organization of Saturday Night Showdown concluded earlier in the night as well and was won by Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Junior Teresa Cooke was one of the patrons that attended the event. She thought that the Electric Jungle was a great experience for students.

“I think the electric jungle was really fun and everything sounded amazing,” Cooke said. “Both DJs were really good at hyping people up, and getting people to get up and dance and enjoy themselves. I think everyone genuinely had a good time last night.”

Graybush, who opened the show, featured electronic dance music that students enjoyed all night long.

“I thought the event was great,” Graybush said. “I had a great time opening and DJ Mike B was insane with his set. Everybody there seemed to be enjoying themselves and it looked like everybody left their seat to join the dance floor at least once through the night (which is always a great sign for the DJs). I really hope it happens again, and from what I heard from some of the people there it seems like I’m not the only one who thinks that.”

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