Bronc Bites: Campus food review

  by: Ashley Arizini       

          Most likely, if you are a current student at Rider University, you can recall the day that you, as a prospective student, came to an open house or went on a student- guided tour. Chances are that along the course of the tour, you were led to the different dining establishments on campus, and given a description of what each had to offer.  At Daly’s Dining Hall, you were probably welcomed by its bright and open layout, and its warm aroma of home cooked food.  From initiative glance, the Bronc Diner probably seemed like it was designed to resemble a 1950s classic, with its black and white checkered floor, and its retro booths and jukeboxes, which give it a finishing touch.  Finally, Cranberry’s, the smaller dinette on campus, with its broad menu, and exceptional service, would be marveled at by any visitor who had the privilege of spending some leisure time in a restaurant centered around school spirit- from the title, to the cranberry walls and booths.  

          As with anything else, there comes a time where the novelty seems to wear off. As the year progresses, it seems as if going to get meals becomes just as routine as attending class on a daily basis, and you seem to lose interest in what once made these dining establishments so inviting.  Bringing back the feeling of excitement, when it comes to campus food, means gathering feedback from students.

The busiest food service facility on campus, Daly's Dining Hall is one of the most-liked.

          As far as the biggest and most popular dining establishment on campus Daly’s Dining Hall, most students admit that they love the buffet style setup. However, the biggest concerns seem to be the variety of food and the crowdedness of the seating area during the peak of the lunch and dinner hours.  “It gets a little tight sometimes, and I feel like there are the same foods at every meal”, says Lauren Davies. As far as suggestions for food are concerned, many students would like to see more healthy options.” Daly’s should serve more vegetables, Mindy Naya expressed. “Sometimes you just want a plate of steamed broccoli or some other veggie.” Students also suggested that Daly’s should have more options for meals during the hours between lunch and dinner to accommodate students who have long breaks in between classes. Aside from Daly’s, students expressed their opinions about the prices at Cranberry’s and the Bronc Diner. Meals at these establishments are paid for with Bronc-Bucks, which work almost like a debit card. Opinions on the prices are mixed. While some students feel that the prices are reasonable, others feel that prices should be decreased, to avoid running out of Bronc-Bucks before the end of the semester. Most of the students interviewed were excited to hear about the newest proposal for a Subway restaurant on campus. “I would be so happy if Subway comes in,” Jenny Adams voiced her excitement. “I love it”.  The installment of a Subway and extended seating at Daly’s, are among the other changes that are planned to take place sometime next year. These changes, along with constant feedback and support from Rider students, will ensure that all prospective students for years to come will step into any dining area on their own tour, and feel as excited as we all have at one point or another. They will hopefully be able to imagine sitting at the round tables at Daly’s or the cranberry booths at Cranberry’s and enjoying the food for the entirety of their college years.

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