Number of sickened students rises to 100

By Rachel Stengel

As of Saturday morning, the total number of students infected with the norovirus has risen to 60 additional students, two faculty members and three Aramark employees, according to Dan Higgins, executive director of University Communications.

Since the outbreak struck late Wednesday night approximately 100 students have contracted the norovirus infection. Of the 60 additional cases, nine were taken to the hospital for treatment, but most returned to campus.

The cause of the outbreak is still undetermined and health officials have informed the University that the virus may take weeks to eradicate from the campus.

Aramark, Rider’s food service provider, and UNICCO, Rider’s custodial service, are working diligently to sanitize public areas.

Students exhibiting symptoms of the virus this weekend are urged to go to Conover Hall’s lounge or the Student Health Center at Princeton for treatment; more staff has been added for the weekend and 24-hour care is available on campus. After being treated by Health Services, students are encouraged to recover at home if possible.

The university said hand washing and good hygiene are the best preventative measures. Alcohol-based sanitizers dispose of many germs, but they are not a substitute for soap and water. Students are warned not to share utensils, food or drink to curb the spread of the norovirus infection.

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