BREAKING: Female student hit by snowplow

A female student was struck by a snowplow in front of Lincoln Hall on March 7.

By Lauren Lavelle     

Sophomore marketing major Rithika Ramasubbu was struck by a snowplow around 2 p.m. on March 7 as she was walking near Lincoln Hall during the storm, according to Public Safety Sgt. Donald Edwards.  

A medical team arrived at the scene moments later and attempted to free the student who multiple witnesses said was trapped under the vehicle.

Sophomore international business major Isabella Garra said she saw the scene from her window in Ziegler.

“I was opening up my shades to see the snow, and I watched a snowplow back up and hit someone,” she said. “I watched the person plowing drive forward and run over the person again. The driver then backed up and hit the person for the third time. Two or three people ran over while the person remained under the truck.”

University spokeswoman Kristine Brown confirmed it was a university vehicle that struck the girl, though she did not know how many times.

According to Edwards, Ramasubbu was alert throughout the incident and has since been transported to a medical center.

“She has a shoulder blade or back injury and is being treated,” he said.

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