Breaking: AAUP negotiations today lead to indefinite contract extension

Faculty negotiators of Rider’s chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and the administrative negotiators reached tentative agreements on eight new articles during contract negotiations today, according to Dr. Jeffrey Halpern.
Halpern, who is the contract administrator and chief grievance officer for AAUP, as well as the chief negotiator for the union, stated that both sides made concessions and that more progress was made today than has been in the past three months.
“I think both sides came to the table prepared to make progress,” Halpern said.
Robert Stoto, associate vice president of Human Resources & Affirmative Action and chief negotiator for the administration, agreed that there was a meeting of the minds today.
“The discussions were productive and there were a significant number of non-economic
issues that were fully resolved,” he said. “The parties agreed to extend the contract for an indefinite period while the negotiations continue.”
An e-mail sent to AAUP members also said that the contract was extended “indefinitely on 3 days notice.”
Halpern stated that the actual language of the articles still needs to be worked out. Both sides will write up a draft and discussions will continue Friday. However, Halpern said that no one should brush these negotiations aside just because progress was made today.
“It’s not all over by a long shot,” he said. “It’s a good sign, but we’re not at the end of the road.”
As of yet, monetary issues have not been discussed.

-Emily Landgraf

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