Black Student Union Speaks

Letter to Editor 

To the editor,

In representation of the Black Student Union, when we heard about the “White Privilege is a Myth” event, a number of thoughts came to mind. We immediately knew that we had to take this matter and communicate with the Rider community. At first, our emotions started with anger and confusion. Why would Rider approve such an event? What will be said? But, as time went on, we as an organization started to do our own research on Turning Point USA [and learned] what exactly white privilege is and how it affects us here at Rider as a minority group on campus?

Since we had these questions, creating the event “How to Approach: White Privilege is a Myth” seemed like the perfect thing to do. We believed if these were the emotions we felt, we could only imagine how others felt. Yet, we wanted everyone to feel welcomed with opinions and to educate themselves on the topic. We wanted our people to not speak on emotions, but facts, and remain open to new thoughts.

When we had this event, we had no clue how it would go, but to see about 100 students in the audience made us feel proud and we were doing what we’re supposed to do to create change.  

~The Black Student Union Executive Board

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