Best of Campusfood: Students vote on their favorite Italian staples

Last week, we polled students to see which restaurants on the renowned college takeout website, Campusfood, had the best Chinese food.

This week, 100 students were polled to see which restaurants on Campusfood were worthy of taking the trophy for the best pizza and Italian food.

Unlike last week, students had a full spectrum of Italian restaurants to choose from this time (24 to be exact) since Campusfood is essentially dominated by Italian restaurants.

So, which restaurant do students on campus turn to for that cheesy, greasy goodness, or for those delicious home-away-from-home hearty meals? The results may surprise you.

All-Around Winner

Students look to Domino’s whenever they’re craving pizza.

Although it may seem like the traditional homemade pizza places would take the cake on this one, Domino’s stole the win with 26 percent of student votes. It also ranked the highest in best prices with 42 percent of the votes, best service with 29 percent of the votes and overall recommended restaurant with 22 percent of the votes.

Following behind Domino’s for students’ favorite place to order pizza from were Candela’s with 13 percent of the votes and Fedelo’s with 11 percent of the votes.

Least Favorite

Purple City Pizza is one of the late night munchie spots, but not one of the best.

Everyone wants to know which restaurants to steer clear of when ordering, so students were asked which restaurant is least favorable and lacks good service.

Purple City Pizza came in first with 38 percent of the votes, which trampled the second least favorite by more than double the votes.

Abruzzi Pizza, Magma Pizza, Positano Grill and Pizza, Wings, Steaks & Things didn’t gather any positive votes, placing them on the least favorite list as well.

Sausage was voted as the least favorite topping for students, collecting only 3 percent of the votes.

Quickest Delivery

Domino’s serves as the most recommended restaurant and quickest deliverer.

Now, to save the best for last, which is probably what everyone is yearning to know: Which restaurant gets the pizza to your door the quickest?

After acquiring 44 percent of students’ votes, Domino’s prevailed over all other restaurants by almost triple the votes. Following in second place with 16 percent of the votes was Dominator and in third place was Candela’s with 8 percent of the votes.

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  1. pizzas are a staple in the college student
    well as ramen noodles, lol. Pizza’s great because it’s fast, fairly affordable,
    tasty and can be stretched out for a while. There’s great sites/apps out there
    that can help students save money when they order
    food online.

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