Best of Campusfood: Students vote on favorite Chinese takeout

To college students, takeout is hardly a foreign term. And to many here at Rider, it’s probably more appealing than Daly’s and worth the extra money.

One luxury that students have involving takeout is the website known as Campusfood is partnered with an array of local restaurants, according to each college/university listed on the site. The restaurants offer all kinds of food from Italian to Thai.

Campusfood is available in 44 out of the 50 states and offers a list of what colleges and universities it serves.

So, according to 70 Rider students polled around campus, who has the best Chinese food on Campusfood?

No. 1 China took the trophy as student’s overall favorite Chinese restaurant.

All-Around Winner

Number 1 Chinese Restaurant stole first place with 80 percent of the votes. Fifty-six of the 70 people surveyed said they would recommend this restaurant to a friend.

Number 1 also came in first place for having the best specials, best prices and shortest delivery time.

It would be safe to say that Number 1 Chinese Restaurant dominates Rider’s campus with its pocket-friendly menu, speedy workers and delicious dishes.

Wasabi Wok is located on Quakerbridge Road, not too far from AMC in Hamilton.

Least Favorite

Out of all of the Chinese restaurants provided on Campusfood, Fusion Wasabi Wok received zero votes for students’ favorite restaurant.

Wasabi Wok also fell into bottom place for every other category offered on the survey, except for the longest delivery time, which Golden Empire claimed.
Tan May Chinese and Fu Wah Chinese Restaurant also followed close behind Wasabi Wok as the students’ least favorable restaurants to order from.

General Tso’s chicken was chosen as the campus’ overall favorite Chinese dish.

Favorite Dish

Usually when people order Chinese, they have a particular dish that has become their favorite over time and which they generally order.

From surveying students on campus, General Tso’s chicken seemed to trample other dishes as the favorite dish/combination platter to order.

General Tso’s beat other popular Chinese staples such as chicken/beef with broccoli, sweet & sour chicken and even sesame chicken.

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