Benefits of working throughout college


College is a time for exploration and making meaningful memories with people you care about. Most importantly, it is a time to learn numerous life skills, such as responsibility. One way to strengthen this skill is through on or off campus jobs. It may sound like a chore, but there are many benefits to working while in college. 

There are a lot of students that work while getting their degree. According to the Huffington Post, nearly four out of five students are working part-time while studying for their degrees. The main reason for this is obvious: students need money. Aside from tuition, the cost of living is expensive enough, so finding a job seems like a great option for some. A survey from Citi Bank and Seventeen Magazine showed the percentages of what students pay versus what their parents pay while in college. It revealed that, for all of the categories, including clothing, transportation, books and food, there is an overwhelming percentage of students paying for their own necessities. This promotes independence and shows the importance of financial literacy. 

The requirements and duties of a job could help in areas outside of work. A Forbes article focused on the working experience of a particular undergraduate student while he was in college. The student, Cameron Clark, said that, by having a job that gave him experience outside of his field, he was able to add something additional to his resume. 

While working, communication, time management and detail-oriented skills can be developed. This makes you different from other people who haven’t worked, because it shows drive. It takes a special type of patience to work in retail and it involves the various skills that other fields look for. There is constant interaction with people, whether it is pleasant or not. Time is a huge factor in retail since it’s based on service. In order to get a tip or commission, attention to detail is crucial. This is one of many examples of a type of job that has skills that can transfer to other areas, such as academics or personal organization. 

Although it might seem contradictory, working can be a great distraction and quite fun if you look at it from a different perspective. With nearly 14 million U.S. college students working while getting a degree, there is bound to be someone to connect with while working. The work environment may not be the exciting like “The Office,” but there is a chance to interact with people in the same situation. There is nothing more comforting than connecting with someone that truly understands the trials and tribulations of college life. 

There are many jobs available on campus for students to apply for. The first step is figuring out what interests you, because it won’t feel like work if the job is something enjoyable. In fact, some clubs on campus have paid positions so that students can learn, get paid and do what they enjoy. Attending job fairs is another way to find a part-time job on or off campus. There are many options to choose from and it helps to have work experience now rather than later. 

— Tatyanna Carman

            Freshman journalism major

Printed in the 4/25/18 issue.

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