Bells on washers (or phones) wring

By Theresa Evans 

A new app will be introduced that notifies students via text message when their laundry is done.
A new app will be introduced that notifies students via text message when their laundry is done.

Rinse, dry, alert, repeat. In fall 2016, you’ll want to download a convenient new app — one that will notify students when their laundry is finished.

“We have become accustomed to getting alerts for so many different things and I think so many of our students are so busy,” said Director of Housing Roberta Butler. “For this to be one other opportunity for us to help you manage an everyday part of life definitely provides a level of satisfaction and caring that I think students have come to expect here at Rider.”

A test run will be conducted over the summer using the students on campus as participants, Butler said. She is expecting no technical difficulties aside from the usual weak Wi-Fi signals that she mentioned the university is currently working to improve. The new washers and dryers will officially launch in time for the fall semester.

The new machines, Butler said, will “allow students the freedom and flexibility to not have to sit and watch their laundry.”

“It’s an awesome product, and I hope that students really enjoy it,” she said.

According to Butler, students will have to download an app and go through a registration process. There will be various alerts that students can customize, including a notification when the doors are opened and a 15-minute warning before the wash is done. All they will have to do is open the app and select their building and the machine number(s). They will also be able to see the stages of their wash.

“I think the new machines will be beneficial because waiting for my wash will no longer be a guessing game,” said freshman elementary education major Molly Tracy. “When it’s done, I’ll get a notification and it will definitely make my life easier because I’m always on my phone.”

Butler said that every residence hall will keep the same number of machines that they currently have. All residence halls on both campuses will obtain new washers and dryers, including West Village, where each individual apartment and suite has personal laundry amenities.

This new technology is a trend and the fact that Rider is adopting it will keep the university competitive with other institutions, said Butler.

Students often leave their laundry sitting in the washing and drying machines because they forget about it, explained Butler. This is an opportunity for students to be more mindful of their community. It will also provide a sense of comfort and security for students.

“I think that it’s a great thing,” said sophomore finance major Handy De La Cruz. “I know that the system is also supposed to notify us if the doors have been opened, so I personally cannot wait to catch people in the act of touching my laundry two seconds after the load has finished washing or drying. It’s going to be magical.”

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