Balancing your bucks with Manage my ID

By Rachel Stengel

Students will never have to ask Miss Ann how many meals they have left or ask Alfonso for their Bronc Bucks balance again because a new website will allow students to view their ID card transactions and report a lost card.
Manage My ID is a website developed by The CBORD Group, a provider of college campus ID card systems. By early November students will be able to view the current balance and transactions related to their Bronc Bucks, Daly’s meal plans and bookstore accounts, according to Greg Hanf, ID card system manager. He said that the link to Manage My ID will be available on Rider’s homepage.
A few students have acted as test subjects for the website. The reaction has been positive thus far.
“I am very happy that the program is being implemented,” said one of the testers, senior Lindsey Monk. “I have thought for years now that Rider needed this. There have been many times where I have wished that I was able to find out how much money I had left on my card by going online.”
The website serves as a checks and balances system because students can easily access their ID activity.
“It helps you keep track of how much you’ve spent. Between the students and your parents, there’s a little more control over one’s finances,” Hanf said.
The website’s main screen features the current balances of all accounts on a student’s ID such as Bronc Bucks, bookstore accounts, dining guest passes and meals remaining for the week.  Students can also view their transaction history.
The website allows users to select a time frame of activity that extends back a year and which accounts they wish to view. The history feature lists the date, time, location, account type and the amount of each transaction. This detailed information will help students report any errors on their accounts to Aramark. They can print out a copy of the history and report the error to Aramark, Hanf said.
Sophomore Alicia Quayson said that the convenience will draw students to the website and make them more aware of their purchases.
“If we’ve been spending too much and need to slow down on purchasing food it can show us our entire transaction history,” she said.
The other main feature of the website allows students to report a lost ID card. If they lose an ID now, it must be reported to Hanf in order for the account to become inactive. It is the student’s responsibility to report his or her card missing, according to Hanf. If it is not reported, anyone could potentially use the money on the account.
“I’ve had students, since I’ve been here, lose their ID cards and in less than a day someone’s found it and spent all of their Bronc Bucks in literally less than an hour,” Hanf said.
With Manage My ID, students can report their cards lost and the ID will instantly become inactive.
“Now you don’t have somebody wandering in [to buildings] and swiping in because they found an ID. You don’t have someone finding a lost ID and trying to use it to eat or spend your money. You now have a little more control over your money and over your meals,” Hanf said.
The ID cannot be reactivated via Manage My ID. Students must report the card as found to Hanf himself or to Public Safety. This step adds another security measure in case the person who found the ID can guess its owner’s password for Manage My ID, according to Hanf.

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