Artist shares her heritage through art pieces

By Christian McCarville

Artist Salina Almanzar’s work is featured in the Bart Luedeke Center art gallery from Sept. 3 to Oct. 11, detailing her Latin American heritage.

Rider’s art gallery is one of the hidden gems of the campus, located on the top floor of the Bart Luedeke Center. 

Art is a very integral part of a campus and it serves as much more than background decoration. Rider, like many other campuses, is filled with different sculptures, paintings and photos, all with some kind of meaning behind them.

“I suggest students find an artwork on view they find compelling and use it as a space for meditation. Because art takes time — one has to slow down a bit to take it in, let it resonate with your curiosity and taste — it is a great way to clear your mind of your daily cares,” said Art Gallery Director Julia Marsh.

The art gallery’s fall exhibition will include artist Salina Almanzar through Sept. 3 to Oct. 11. On Sept. 13th, Almanzar visited Rider to provide insight on her art.

Marsh explained, “In general, I have a working list of artists and ideas I work with (especially social justice, feminism, and community engagement), and most of the time, an established professional relationship with these artists. In cases when someone is new to me, I will reach out with a formal email introducing myself and the gallery; outlining dates and parameters of the exhibition opportunity. Like other disciplines that invite experts to campus, we fund our exhibiting artists with an honorarium for their exhibition and their presence on campus as a guest speaker in classes, meeting with student groups and at their artist in conversation event.”

Almanzar is known for weaving her Latin American heritage within her art, allowing her to express her cultural identity. She has much pride in her Puerto Rican and Dominican background and this is evident in her work.

“An important aspect of the campus collection is that it represents the 35 year history of the gallery exhibitions on campus, because most of the work in the collection has been donated by the artists who have exhibited here. Currently we are in the process of documenting the collection. In the future, I can foresee student ambassadors conducting campus tours of the collection and exhibitions for visitors and other student,” said Marsh.

Senior musical theater major and art gallery employee Ryan Lloyd shared his personal opinion on Almanzar’s exhibit.

“I think they’re lovely pieces that tell a great story,” said Lloyd. “I especially enjoy how personal they are.”

The second fall exhibition for the art gallery will take place on Oct. 22 to Dec. 6, featuring art from Osmyn Oree.

Published in the 09/18/19 edition.

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