Another assault reported at off-campus party

A student’s car is parked in the driveway of a rental home in Ewing where an assault was reported on Sunday.

by Paul Szaniawski

An off-campus party on Greenway Avenue in Ewing turned violent over the weekend, according to police.

A 19-year-old party guest told authorities he was punched in the head, fell over and hit his head on a bathtub. His name was not released. The home’s tenants, Rider students, hosted the Saturday night party, a police spokesperson said.

The victim, a resident of Little Egg Harbor Township who attends Ocean County Community College, suffered a severe gash to the back of the head. Police said he went to Capital Health System at Fuld in Trenton and received five medical staples to close the

The assault was reported at 1:05 p.m. on Sunday, many hours after the incident, according to police reports. The victim told police he was under medication and “still out of it.”

Although the victim named one attacker, a complaint was not filed against him. To file a complaint, the victim would have to fill out an affidavit with the court, which was closed on Sunday.

Without a formal complaint, police cannot investigate the incident because they do not have probable cause and did not initially investigate or develop the case themselves. The possible suspect’s name was not released. A police spokesman was not aware of any complaints being filed yet. Therefore, no one has been charged in the reported assault.

At around 2:35 a.m. on Sunday police were called to the residence on a noise complaint. Ewing has township ordinances prohibiting excessive noise after hours.

University officials are looking into the reported attack. Students can still be liable for charges stemming from off-campus incidents under the University’s policies.

About three weeks ago, police officers were allegedly assaulted with beers by Rider students at a party in Lawrence.

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