An infusion of colorful creativity to be released

Graphic by Karen Martinez

By Jason Mount

It’s time to get your glow on with Rider’s annual ArtBeast on April 28 from 3 p.m. to midnight.

This year’s theme is “Color & Glow,” with advertisements boasting a multitude of activities including tie-dye, a glow dance party, street performers and much more. The multi-arts event came to fruition because of one particular class: Arts Events & Festival Management.

Senior musical theater major Marissa Galletti shed light on how the class reached this year’s theme.

“We knew we wanted to incorporate different ideas this year, and coming up with the theme was a challenge at first, but we loved the idea of ‘Color & Glow,’” said Galletti.

Galletti also explained how this year’s theme will stand out and be more recognizable than previous ArtBeast festivals.

“This year’s theme is unlike any they have had before,” said Galletti. “The idea of ‘Color & Glow’ was a unique one that we [the class] were all so excited about.”

Professor of arts administration Todd Dellinger elaborated on the “Color & Glow” theme compared to others.

“There’s always some sense of coming together in the themes which evolve, probably because we are all super aware of the power of arts to unite,” said Dellinger. “This year’s is that entirely, cleverly woven through concepts of color and glow, with sub-themes being ‘mix, blend, glow.’”

Dellinger explained the large amount of festivities planned for ArtBeast, saying that all aspects of art will be showcased and celebrated with hands-on activities and performances.

“This year incorporates six bands, multiple dance performances, comedy, improv, swing, A cappella, spoken word, graffiti art, plein air painting, tie-dye, balloon darts, street performances, aerial silks, drumming, drag, a caricaturist, a henna artist, a dance party — all of this, the class produces,” Dellinger said.

The creative minds behind ArtBeast could not contain their excitement for their own events, and Dellinger said he was looking forward to the festival as a whole. Meanwhile, Galletti had a more narrow answer.

“I’m looking forward to everything but I think, specifically, I’m looking forward to the tie-dye because that’s always so fun,” Galletti shared. “I’m also looking forward to the aerial silk session too.”

However, a grand event like ArtBeast had a few challenges to overcome. Galletti explained that many creative and bright ideas came out of the brainstorming process, but had to be narrowed down and refined in order to pull off something realistic.

Dellinger added that financial constraints and a small amount of time to put everything together would make the event “a bit like a magic trick to pull off,” but said that support from students and staff “always helps us pull our rabbit out of the hat successfully.”

To Dellinger, the glowing highlight of working on this year’s ArtBeast was “seeing my students totally immersed in making a fun, arts-centric event like this positively impacts our peers, colleagues and the university as a whole.”

Galletti said her favorite aspect was similar, and that her best moment was working with “absolutely amazing” people in an entertaining process to put on a great show.

Dellinger said he hopes that people will take away the importance of the arts from this year’s ArtBeast.

“I hope they understand how extraordinary our campus life can be when we fill it with color, creativity and arts that bring a special glow to our lives,” Dellinger said. “We all need that right about now, don’t we?”


Published in the 4/26/17 edition.

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