Alumna makes strides in accounting field

By Jennifer Boyer 

Around the country, nonprofits continue to dedicate their time and effort to further social causes. Nonprofit corporation Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) is a scholarship program that awards $10,000 grants to accounting majors. The program hands out 72 scholarships each year to college students across the states.

Drew Pinkston, ’16, Rider University alumna, was recently one of 72 students awarded the $10,000 merit scholarship from the PCAOB.

“The PCAOB was a wonderful organization that was willing to help fund students for graduate school,” said Pinkston. “With the help of the Rider University  accounting program and the PCAOB, I was able to continue my education at Rider.”

PCAOB prepared her to pursue the Masters of Accountancy. The corporation furthers a college student’s education after receiving the merit scholarship. The money helps fund tuition, fees, books and supplies, but Pinkston had to meet the standards of the program before getting considered for a merit scholarship.

“The application process was tough. The PCAOB gives out this merit award to students who have proven themselves to be all-around good students. The late nights in the library and tutoring sessions helped with my overall success at Rider which led to this scholarship,” Pinkston said.

The program is merit-based and all students applying must be eligible with the following criteria: enrollment in a bachelor’s or master’s degree program in accounting; demonstrating interest and aptitude in accounting and auditing; demonstrating high ethical standards; and not being a PCAOB employee, or a child or spouse of a PCAOB employee. This aids the development of accounting professionals and educational institutions considering underrepresented students in the profession.

Margaret O’Reilly-Allen, associate professor and chairperson of the accounting department at Rider, praises the effectiveness of the PCAOB scholarship program and how it boosted Pinkston’s education.

“The scholarship allowed Drew to enter Rider’s MACC program to continue her education and earn the 30 additional credits necessary to become a CPA,” O’Reilly-Allen said.

The scholarship inspires graduate students to pursue a career in auditing. Also, it encouraged Pinkston to continue her studies after graduation at Rider.

“I nominated Drew because she not only met the criteria but she exceeded it,” O’Reilly-Allen said. “Drew is very active in the Rider Accounting Program.”

Pinkston put in hard-work and dedication in her accounting classes throughout her college career. The scholarship program allowed her to pursue success at her major in school.

“Rider University’s amazing staff helped prepare me for a future as an accountant. The accounting program at Rider is tough but the faculty, staff and especially their internship program not only helped me win this award but will most certainly ensure that I have a successful career as an accountant,” Pinkston said.

With the help of faculty members and the accounting program, Pinkston was able to put her foot in the door and start to develop a successful career in accounting after graduation. The program inspired her to continue her education at Rider, but also help other students within the university to ensure that they are given the same opportunities.

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