Alma Mater Contest

All students, faculty and staff members of the Rider community have the opportunity to be a part of history by casting a vote on which of the two alma maters they would like to see the university adopt. The lyrics for both alma maters are listed below.

“Cranberry and White”
In the heart of Central Jersey, “in all things prepared,” proudly stands our alma mater, school without compare. Our home in Lawrenceville shines bright for ev’ryone to see; in Princeton, all Westminster sings: “Let us be judged by our deeds.” Cherished by thy sons and daughters, mem’ries sweet and strong, ’round our hearts, O alma mater, as we sing our song. We sing our love and loyalty, sing our hopes so bright, to Rider University: Cranberry and White!

“The Right and Ready”
The right and ready of Rider stand waiting in the wings, to learn and to share with all who play and sing. Through toil and strife, we stand together joined on one journey, now leaders of today, success we will bring! Rider! Rider! May you stand forever so we may learn your ways!

Online voting will be open through Wednesday, April 15, 2015, at 11:59 p.m. Students, faculty and staff can only vote once and must do so during the voting time period listed above. Please use the voter login URL below, along with the username/password, to vote for the alma mater selection.

Username: Bronc ID Number
Password: Bronc ID Number
Voter Login URL:

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