Allie Koury: Vice President

Hometown: Clinton, N.J.
Year: Sophomore
Major: Public relations
Clubs/Activities: Sophomore class president, public relations chair for Olson Hall’s RHA, Rider Dance Ensemble choreographer and dancer, Bold Steps to Prevent Thyroid Cancer intern
What kind of changes would you like to see made next year? I would love to see more attendance to senate and have people come with a more enthusiastic attitude. Expanding senate, will make people feel that their voices are being heard, and they actually will be. I also want to foster school spirit at Rider and make the campus feel more like a family. This will make everyone feel welcome here and evoke teamwork within the entire school.
Why should students vote for you? Students should vote for me because I am hardworking, enthusiastic and reliable. I put 110% of myself into whatever project I am doing and work around the clock until my job is done. I truly love and care about Rider and I want to be able to change this school for the better and see the benefit of the leadership I have provided. I hope that you will elect me as your SGA vice president so I can help make a positive difference at Rider next year.

Printed in the 4/05/13 edition.

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