All synched up for Greek Week

By Jess Demetriou

Hundreds of students in Greek jerseys fidgeted in their seats late Thursday night hoping they would remember their dance moves, making last-minute touches on their costumes and praying that none of the sets fell apart while they performed their skits. The Cavalla Room was thick with anticipation as the unofficial start to Greek Week began with the annual Lip Sync competition.

Although first place is a coveted position, the only thing many Greeks were worrying about was having a good time. For sophomore Corey Shields, having fun with his brothers in Sigma Phi Epsilon was what mattered.

“It was a lot of fun for my first Lip Sync,” Shields said. “Participating in it gives you a sense of pride in being Greek.”

Shields’ chapter did an act that included “booty songs,” including “Baby Got Back” and “Booty Song,” where brothers each held up a sign representing different kinds of “booty.”

“It was fun watching everybody embarrass themselves and just have a good time with it,” Shields said. “It’s also a time for Greek bonding and having different houses interact with each other.”

Shields mentioned that he thought all the other acts were really “enjoyable,” and besides his own chapter, Zeta Beta Tau’s (ZBT)
“Evolution of Britney Spears” was his favorite.

“I thought it was hilarious and they deserved one of the top places,” he said. “I thought they had one of the best acts of the whole night.”

ZBT was the first act to start off the performances, tracing the most popular songs of Spears from her early career as a bubble gum pop princess to her problems with money-grabbing husband Kevin Federline and her eventual stay in rehab.

The performance by ZBT was followed by Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) sorority, which spent about three weeks preparing for its Broadway theme. Senior Amy Stevenson, who participated in the “Grease” skit, said her chapter worked hard to gain the first-place position among the sororities.

“We’re lucky to have [junior] Jacqui Mihalik — she’s a great choreographer,” Stevenson said. “She made those amazing dances and got everyone on board with the whole thing.”

ZTA’s costumes and props highlighted the Broadway theme and were just as big a part of the performance as the lip syncing was, Stevenson said. The entire chapter had a hand in putting it together.

“A couple girls are really good artists, so instead of dancing they did the backdrops, paintings and hand-outs,” Stevenson said. “It’s a whole house effort and we work together to do this kind of production. It would be insane without everyone’s participation.”

The last act of the night, performed by Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEP) fraternity, was one that the audience couldn’t help but enjoy as they laughed through the whole performance. Their “comedy movie” theme included acts from Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Anchorman and Shrek.

Senior Wes Barnshaw said green tights weren’t the most comfortable thing to wear during the performance, but getting the choreography right was what he was most worried about.
“When we did the Men in Tights part, I was worried about the flip I had to do, because I didn’t want to fall,” Barnshaw said. “Once I did the flip and landed on my feet I was like, ‘OK, I did it, now I can keep going.’”

Barnshaw said he began thinking about possible acts for this year’s Lip Sync as early as last year, so when the time came to start planning, he was one of the brothers who stepped up to put things together.

“We practiced in the lounge for about three or four nights,” he said. “I split the guys up to work in the different groups and it really came together by the end of it.”

Wearing tight tights and lip-syncing to Anchorman’s barbershop quartet rendition of “Afternoon Delight” paid off, as AEP took first place among the fraternities.

“I was surprised that we got first place because there were so many good acts, but all the guys really worked hard,” Barnshaw said. “I wasn’t expecting it. I just wanted to put on a good show with a little song and dance.”

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