Sports Blog: All aboard the bandwagon


Aaron Rodgers jerseys may be seen more than often on Rider's campus the next two weeks.


By David Pavlak

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of professional football, as any true fan of the sport would know. The Lombardi Trophy has similar allure to that of the Stanley Cup, the NBA championship trophy and the World Series trophy. With all these different sporting events coming and going throughout the school season, one thing has become quite apparent: Rider University is a bandwagon school.

Not that there is anything wrong with it per se, but it is clear that the allegiance of most students is to the team who is in the “big game.” To those of you hold true to the same teams consistently year in and year out, congratulations. With the overflow of New Orleans Saints jerseys the past year, you would have thought we were in the middle of Louisiana. Likewise this past year with the San Francisco Giants and Philadelphia Phillies, whose jerseys were apparently the hottest items to wear around campus. Flyers and Blackhawks, Lakers and Celtics, Giants and Phillies, as well as Saints and Colts; the carousel of winning teams’ apparel did not end around campus.

As the Super Bowl approaches, I offer one word of advice to those of you whose teams may have been eliminated by the last two remaining teams and may still be bitter: prepare. As the Steelers and Packers prepare for battle in Dallas, get ready to see more Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger jerseys than you have ever thought possible. There is nothing particularly wrong with it; it has just become the identity of the typical Rider University sports fan.

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