Add the 60s vibe to your spring 2012 wardrobe

By Monica Jaramillo

In the fall we saw a hint of the ’60s returning with the mod look, and now it continues on into the spring. The 60s fashion is back and here to stay for spring and into the summer.  There are three specific looks from the 60s that are popular right now. Of course among the three is the ’60s mod look, with bright, blocked colors, graphic prints, and geometric patterns. There’s going to be a burst of color in the spring!  Next, there is the ’60s folk fashion look with Peter Pan collars, ultra short hemlines and then lots of whites, creams and blacks. The last look is all about the curves with the ’60s “sex kitten” look. This includes short, tight pencil skirts as well as high-wasted pants.

It’s true when they say history repeats itself; take a stroll back into the ’60s!  It is among one of the many fashionable eras coming back this upcoming spring.  It’s all about taking old fashion trends and updating them for a fresh new look for the present!

photo credit: Monica Jaramillo
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