AAUP rally: May 3, 2017


Faculty and students gather on the campus mall as part of the AAUP rally on May 3.








One sign reads, “Negotiate Fairly!!”











One faculty member urges the administration to “listen to our voices.”








Bob Witanek, among others, represents Westminster Choir College at the AAUP rally.








One sign at the rally reads, “Dell’Omo destroying Rider.”











Kenny Dillon urges the crowd to support the faculty at Rider.








Jelani Walker cites the decision to sell Westminster as one administration mistake.








Bob Witanek and Jelani Walker lead the rally past the administrative offices.












The rally moves past President Dell’Omo’s office as he waves and gives a thumbs-up.








Students show their support for Rider faculty and for the sustainable future of the university.












Rally participants hold their signs up to the window of the president’s office.








The march continues past to the Bart Luedeke Center patio.








Students, in blue, and faculty, in white, gather on the Bart Luedeke Center patio.









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