Aasim Johnson: Vice President

Hometown: Lakewood, N.J.
Year: Freshman
Major: History and political science
Clubs/Activities: Unashamed Gospel Choir, GIG (Group Investigating God), SGA senate,  Rider University College Democrats, Gee Hall and Centennial Hall RHA, International Student Mentor, RISA (Rider International Student Association), BSU (Black Student Union)
Why are you running for this position? I am running for vice president because as a freshman this year, I’ve been exposed to all types of things and people here at Rider, so I am running to add a new point of view to the think-tank that is the Rider governing student body. I am eager to be a part of something greater than me to help get my fellow men and women here at Rider have a more enjoyable time.
Why should students vote for you? Students should vote for me because I am not in this race to add something else to my résumé or have another thing to brag about. As cliché as this sounds, I really do care.

Printed in the 4/05/13 edition.

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