A Student’s Praise: Green timeline shows major change

“Broncs Go Green!” This catch phrase has certainly captured our attention all over campus. We see it on the recycled paper we use for posters, the reusable green water bottles that are given out, on our recycling cans or even on our bathroom hand soap. The process of “going green” has become a big part of today’s growing culture and being green is definitely beginning to grow on Rider.

It wasn’t until recently that Rider decided to move on to the trend of going green and tackle some of the internal issues we have here on campus. There are so many areas of our lives that can be re-made into a green way of life. In 2007, Rider realized this and took charge in making it its mission to go green. The first event that was held here at Rider that provided helpful green tips was Earth Day in April 2007. This event allowed students to obtain information on ways to go green away from home and on their own. Though a fairly new addition to the events at Rider, it made a strong impact and has now become an annual festivity and stepping-stone in our “green” makeover. This academic year, a slew of films involving environmental issues (part of the Green Film Series) was shown at Rider, giving students and faculty insight on important environmental issues and what we can do to help.

Rider didn’t just stop at informing the campus, but put its words into action. Starting in October 2008, we have celebrated Sustainability Day held by our own Eco-Reps. At the event in October 2009, they focused on energy use and followed up by installing the first batch of energy meters on Rider’s Lawrenceville campus. The energy meters allow us to watch the amount of energy we use. This was another step in the right direction and it wasn’t the last. Just yesterday, Rider held its Earth Day celebration on campus. It informed students how they can live a sustainable life, which included “Broncs Go Green” giveaways such as reusable bottles and reusable recycled totes (see photos, p. 8).

Throughout the implementation of these informative events, Rider has made great strides in going green — and the difference is clear. But despite all of the proactive moves, when going green, there is always room for improvement. These improvements may be simple, but everyone needs to take part. When there is a light on in the trash room, flick it off. When you finish a water bottle, don’t trash it; recycle it — or instead, use a reusable water bottle.

Rider has made an awesome start and is continuing to generate a path to living green, but there are always more ways you can help. If you can think of other ways Rider can help in continuing to “go green,” let someone know. It’s important for the future of our university and for the future of our world.

– Kristy Grinere

Freshman journalism major

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