A Sophomore Speaks: Roommates don’t equal best friends

Not all roommates get along. Sometimes they have conflicting interests: one likes to get eight hours of sleep a night, while the other prefers to stay up all night partying. Maybe two roommates find themselves unhappy because one decides to have his or her girlfriend or boyfriend stay over for four nights too many.

Basically it’s awkward, unpleasant and not even remotely fun to have to live with someone that you don’t like, trust or feel safe around.

If you find yourself fitting into this category, you are not alone. Every student at Rider can probably name at least one friend who doesn’t get along with his or her roommate.

It is especially common to have issues between two roommates who were randomly selected to room together by the University. But there are instances where roommates who have chosen to room with each other find out the hard way that they don’t get along. Even lifelong friends who’ve known each other for years and choose to live together have been known to grow apart and not get along as roommates.

It is not an easy thing to find someone you can live with. However, as all students who have had roommate problems know, there is a way to solve it and get into a better living situation.

Around this time last year, in the beginning of November, I switched roommates. Hands down, it was the best decision I have made since I’ve been at Rider. I can say from personal experience that having a roommate with whom you get along definitely makes college 100 percent more enjoyable.

Whether you have a friend in mind to move in with, or have no idea where you want to go but just want to get away from your current roommate, the first step is to go to the Residence Life office and get the proper paperwork in order to change your roommate.

The next step is to have the Residence Director of the building you are currently living in approve and sign your paper. If you are switching buildings, you need the Residence Director of that building to sign the paper as well. Finally, you, your future roommate and your old roommate need to sign the paper.

It’s not an easy process, but I can say that it is definitely worth it. As soon as I was able to move out of my old room, my things were across campus in about 15 minutes, ready to be moved into my new dorm room.

Why suffer through a semester, or even a whole school year, living with someone you can’t stand? The good vibes you get from having a roommate that you get along with makes the whole college experience so much more worthwhile.

– Paige McAtee

Sophomore journalism major

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