A night they’ll never be able to remember

Stu (Ed Helms) wakes up to find his tooth missing and a chicken wandering about the hotel suite after a night of heavy partying in The Hangover.
Stu (Ed Helms) wakes up to find his tooth missing and a chicken wandering about the hotel suite after a night of heavy partying in The Hangover.

By Katherine Johnson

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas, especially when it comes to bachelor parties, as the men in The Hangover learn.

The hysterical comedy is about a group of guys who take a trip to Las Vegas for their friend Doug’s bachelor party, a night they truly cannot remember.

After waking up the next morning to a trashed hotel suite, Phil (Bradley Cooper, Wedding Crashers), Stu (Ed Helms, The Office) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis, What Happens in Vegas) search the room only to find that the groom-to-be is missing and that they have no recollection of what happened the night before or where Doug (Justin Bartha, National Treasure) ended up.

As the day progresses, they slowly piece together the mystery, as well as make other discoveries: a vicious tiger lurking in the bathroom, Stu’s missing tooth and a baby — whom the guys name Carlos and adorn with oversized sunglasses — in a closet. Later, the valet at the hotel brings them a police cruiser rather than the prized convertible of the father of the bride.

The three men create a timeline of the night’s events as they gradually gather hints from various places they visited. From starting the night on the roof of their hotel, to stealing a tiger from a famous boxer, to finding a naked man in the trunk of their car, the men slowly but surely piece together the happenings of the previous night.

The only thing they cannot seem to figure out is where Doug is and how they managed to lose him in the first place.

Although the trip has only just begun, they run into new situations that they need to find a way out of, such as bribery, thievery and delivering the tiger back to Mike Tyson’s mansion without being killed in the process.

In the end, they manage to get everything back into place, find a severely sunburned Doug, and two days later than they were supposed to return, they get home safely and just in time for Doug’s wedding.

Even though the men go through hell and back, they all grow from the experience and come away with a greater outlook on life — a much different experience than what was originally intended from the trip to Las Vegas.

The movie in itself is hysterical from start to finish, and even after its end when the four guys gather around to take the one and only look at the pictures from that drunken night, the movie still guarantees to make audiences laugh.

With several celebrity cameos and enough jokes to make viewers’ sides hurt from laughing so much, The Hangover certainly deserves its spot on the summer blockbuster hit list.

No matter what type of sense of humor a person may have, The Hangover offers something that is guaranteed to bring a smile to their lips and a chuckle, no matter how small, to their throats.

The Hangover will be playing tonight and Saturday in the BLC Theater at 7:30 p.m.

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