A Freshman’s View: Summer concert ticket worth the high price

With the semester dwindling down, scenarios of road trips, friend-filled days at the shore and concerts rush through students’ heads. Summer is the time of year when multitudes of people flock to outdoor concert scenes. But are these concerts worth the price? Music festivals such as the Vans Warped Tour and The Bamboozle attract thousands of people each year because of their heavy band lineups. Are the large crowds, over-priced beverages and hot temperatures really worth it?

The Bamboozle is a weekend-long, rain or shine music festival held in New Jersey. This event evolved out of the Skate and Surf Festival, a two-day music festival in Asbury Park, N.J., that provided a soundtrack to anyone who was willing to pay a $10 registration fee to skate on the quarter-pipes and rails provided. From the Skate and Surf Festival came The Bamboozle in the summer of 2003. The Bamboozle was stationed in Asbury Park until 2006 when the concert was moved to the Meadowlands Sport Complex in East Rutherford, N.J. Along with The Bamboozle New Jersey, there is also The Bamboozle Left (California), Chicago and Roadshow. This year, The Bamboozle will have major headliners such as Paramore, Drake, Weezer and Ke$ha, leaving many fans anxious to attend.  But with tickets costing $57 for a single day pass, some fans may not be heading out to the music festival this year. Warped Tour, featuring bands such as Artist Vs Poet, Dropkick Murphys and Motion City Soundtrack, has set its ticket price at $40. Are the prices of tickets worth the experience?

I am contemplating going to The Bamboozle on May 2, with a lineup that consists of 58 bands, including All Out, MGMT and Mutemath. Along with the 58 bands, concertgoers should expect hundreds of people, some of them with alcohol in their system, and a fight to get to the front of the stage. Although parking is a hassle, there is no re-admittance and it is a rain or shine event, the overall experience is worth the price.

Opportunities to see that many bands for the price of one Muse or Kings of Leon ticket is a chance that no one should pass up. Not only is The Bamboozle a great and cost-efficient way of seeing all the bands you enjoy, it is also a wonderful way to meet people who enjoy the same music and have similar interests as you. So grab your camera, a GPS, a friend and a blanket, and embark on your first summer adventure to a music festival.

For more information about  The Bamboozle or to purchase tickets go to http://party.thebamboozle.com.

– Heather Shupe

Freshman journalism major

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