A different kind of winter break

By Casey Gale

In grade school, winter break meant having a week off, half of which was usually spent working on assignments that were due the day classes resumed.  Since the week usually flew by, there was little time for relaxing. This year, winter break was redefined. From Dec. 20 to Jan. 22, I spent my time catching up with friends, watching movies, playing video games and shopping. I didn’t need to worry about upcoming midterms, homework, or reading assignments, and it was amazing. The break felt like a miniature summer vacation in the midst of winter, which was a new concept for this college freshman.

The best thing about winter break in college is starting over with a clean slate. In grade school once classes resumed after break, we started back up where we left off. This time when I returned to school in January, I was able to start fresh with new classes, professors, activities and classmates. At first, this posed a challenge. I was not used to getting a month-long break in winter to do nothing but relax. So, suddenly re-adjusting to being a student again in January was a new test for me.

As we finish up this second week of the semester, I think I can confidently say, I have finally made the adjustment and settled into my new schedule. Though it was rough the first week back, I am quite glad to have the chance to start my college experience all over again.

People rarely get opportunities to reinvent themselves. College gives you that very opportunity with each new semester. If you were too shy to join clubs the first semester, you are able to jump into as many clubs as you please during the next one without feeling lost. If you did poorly in your classes the first semester, you have the chance to change your work ethic and improve your GPA.

When people are in college, they are often looking to find themselves. Luckily, college gives many opportunities to discover exactly who you are and change your mind along the way. Here, it is never too late to become the person you want to show the world when you graduate.

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