Unhygienic vandals

Two male residents returned to their Hill Hall room and found it had been vandalized on Tuesday, Nov. 25. The residents said they left the door unlocked and were gone from 9:45 a.m. until noon. When they returned, they discovered someone had urinated on and broken the hinges off a computer belonging to one of the residents. The cost of the damage to the computer is about $2,000. The other resident’s wallet, which was sitting on top of the refrigerator, was also urinated on. Urine had to be cleaned off of the desk, refrigerator and floor.


An underage intoxicated student was transported to a nearby hospital Sunday, Nov. 23, at 2:01 a.m. A female resident informed Public Safety and the Lawrence Township Police Department (LTPD) that while she was off campus she met a friend who appeared to be intoxicated. The female said she did not know how much her friend had drunk and that the friend was lying on a couch in Lincoln Hall. After evaluating the situation, Public Safety officers determined it was necessary to call an ambulance to transport the student to a hospital. The student was cited for underage drinking by LTPD. Public Safety is still investigating whether or not the student is protected under the Good Samaritan policy.

Pay phones damaged

Public Safety officers investigated an unknown 911 call made from a Ziegler Hall pay phone on Monday, Dec. 1, at 1:13 p.m. Officers checked the building but did not find the caller. They noticed that the Verizon pay phone used to make the call was damaged. The earpiece had been forcibly removed and wires were hanging out of the receiver. Another pay phone in the building was also damaged and had gum stuck to the handle. Officers notified the Office of Information Technologies of the damage. The cost to repair the two phones is unknown. Anyone with information is asked to call Public Safety at x. 5029.

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