107.7 boasts local celebrity

John Mozes, the new general manager of the campus radio station, is using his past experience in entertainment to transform WRRC into The Bronc.By Brandi Lukas

Over the past three years, Rider’s 107.7 WRRC-FM has emitted a more professional vibe. In order to support the students’ ever-growing aspirations for the station, John Mozes is here to help.

Mozes is best known for his zestful personality as an in-game host for the Trenton Thunder, and behind the mic as a co-host on popular radio stations. Now on board as general manager of Rider’s 107.7 WRRC-FM, he was delighted to announce the station’s new name and image.

“The reason we’re changing the name to 107.7 The Bronc is to become more a part of a closely knit university,” he said. “People know it’s there and people know it exists, but it’s not a part of everyday life at Rider.”

Mozes said that along with the new name would be a new logo, and new sweepers, liners and stabs (station IDs with production effects).

On the surface, the name change to “The Bronc” may seem like a quick adjustment. In reality, it was a painstaking three-year process that led toward a desired change.

“The station is no longer what it was five years ago,” said program director Tom Lawler. “General Manager Ashley Heilig and I have a lot of experience in professional broadcasting. We took the initiative to get scheduling software.”

In the past, the station was only on-air when a DJ was allotted a time-slot. Since then, WRRC has changed to computerized 24-hour programming.

“If it wasn’t for the new executive staff taking the initiative, we wouldn’t have John Mozes here,” said Lawler. “Dean [of Students Anthony] Campbell noticed that WRRC was getting better and wanted to give us more to work with.”

Setting 107.7 The Bronc aside from any other college radio station is its appeal to all ages and cultures.

“Now we’re more community-oriented,” said Joe Rey, promotion director. “We’ve always been an underground and alternative station, and we’re starting to change formats.”

The radio station already has a lot more variety, according to Heilig.

“Tom’s playing the Top 40, adult hits, and the oldies weekend. This semester we have a lot more DJs, too,” she said. “There are variety shows, rock shows, hip-hop shows, sport shows and international shows. We’re representing everyone here. It’s awesome.”

With a new name and image also comes a greater responsibility in appealing to the community. Beginning Nov. 8, 107.7 The Bronc will be the flagship station for both men’s and women’s basketball. Along with broadcasting, the station will be doing game-day promotion at select games.

“The contest is called 107.7 The Bronc’s ‘Rock The Rim For 5G!’ One student will be chosen to make a lay-up, free throw, three-pointer and half-court shot in 25 seconds,” said Mozes. “If they do it, they win $5,000.”

Although the new image of the radio station is a positive one, some executive staff members and long-term DJs are sentimentally distraught.

“It’s a change and we’re all for it,” Rey said. “I’m happy, but I’m a little sad.”

The new image may strike some sentimental chords, but all-in-all positive feedback is sure to come.

“Re-launching the station as ‘The Bronc’ is going to help us plant ourselves into the Rider community as something new and fresh,” Lawler said.

The community can now listen to 107.7 The Bronc in Daly’s, Cranberry’s, and the university bookstore, as well as Access TV and Comcast Cable channel 17.

“We’re going to rebrand the radio station,” Mozes said. “By changing the name and the image of the station, it will go a long way.”

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