‘Sex’ Is Back in the City

Laughter ensues as the women from  Sex and the City (left to right) Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie and Samantha (not pictured), are together again to have a good time in the movie version of the hit HBO television show.By Katherine Johnson

For the past four years, fans of the hit HBO television show have been waiting anxiously for the return of their four best friends, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, to the big screen so they could find out what happens to them in the end.
The Sex and the City movie certainly fulfills all of the expectations fans may have had from the end of the television series and answers any questions they may have had.

Did Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) marry Mr. Big (Chris Noth)? Did Samantha (Kim Cattrall) manage to stay faithful in the monogamous relationship she was involved in with Smith Jerrod (Jason Lewis)? Did Charlotte (Kristen Davis) ever adopt the baby that she always wanted, and did Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Steve’s (David Eigenberg) marriage last with the ever-failing health of his mother?
The movie begins the way all of the episodes ever began, with a voice-over from Carrie, only this time she is explaining the montage of what has happened to everyone since the show has ended. It answers most of the previously unanswered questions that the series finale left fans with.
Throughout the movie there are ups and downs; break ups, make-ups and sad moments; one extremely funny scene in Mexico; and the never ending search for love in the Big Apple.
Also, just like any episode of the show, there are a ton of fashion breakthrough moments, especially when it comes to Carrie’s big “I do” moment; but then what else can be expected? Director Michael Patrick King, who oversaw several of the television show’s episodes, certainly made the film live up to the expectations set by the fans.
The acting ability of the cast, though debatable in some scenes, is mostly acceptable, and the feeling of the four main characters’ friendship is as strong as it ever was in the show.
However, in some scenes you can tell the actor/actress is trying too hard to seem upset or extremely happy and it just comes off as phony. Parker’s acting makes it seem like, during the filming of this movie, she became Carrie Bradshaw.

There is also a new girl on the scene: Jennifer Hudson joins the cast to play the perfect answer to Carrie’s problems. Hudson plays Louise, a secretary who leaves her small town behind to make it in the big city and finds herself at Carrie’s doorstep.

Another happy moment comes when Charlotte’s adoption of a little girl from China, Lily, goes through and she finally becomes a parent.
There are some things that happen in the movie that don’t seem possible. For example, the wedding planned for Carrie and Mr. Big is set to take place in the New York Public Library. Also, Mr. Big agrees to buy a penthouse apartment on Fifth Avenue in New York City without even needing to look into mortgages.

Still, most of the film seems like the everyday occurrences of any group of friends going through life at any age, in any place, which is what the movie aimed to achieve.
In the movie, there are scenes that will make viewers want to grab a box of tissues and others that will make viewers laugh so hard their sides will start to hurt, which is exactly what is be expected from one of the most popular television shows aimed towards women.
All in all, the Sex and the City movie is definitely a must-see for all of those who were fans of the show while it was still on the air, and for anyone who just loves to see a good chick flick.

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