I, and I am sure others appreciate the support The Rider News staff expressed for faculty in the editorial two weeks ago that concerned negotiations between the faculty union and t[...]
I am pleased to welcome our new and returning students to Rider University for what I know is going to be a very exciting year. I trust that you are looking forward to this semeste[...]
To appreciate the trust and love that people felt for the crusading journalist Chuck Stone, all you had to do was walk beside him in Philadelphia. It was like walking with a Kenned[...]
I feel it’s important for me to comment on factually inaccurate statements about the scope of fundraising in support of various capital projects built on campus in your recent arti[...]
As a graduate, I’m saddened to hear about the end of Rider’s participation in Midnight Run. I understand resources are limited, but I think it’s paramount that we[...]
I have been teaching at Rider for 37 years and enjoyed every minute of it. My greatest happiness in life is showing young people how enjoyable and meaningful it is to live the life[...]
It is unfortunate, but not surprising, that I am writing to point out the blatant political bias that appeared in The Rider News before this fall’s two elections. Just a cursory ex[...]
Let me preface this by saying that even though this is written by me, this is from The Rider News staff as a whole. The student commencement speaker has been announced — and her na[...]
On almost every dating website you can find some crazy people, whether you pay for the website’s membership or not. Although I concede that online dating can be a roller coaster of[...]
I’m very surprised at the amount of coverage about marijuana usage in the past few issues. Obviously it’s a very controversial social issue, but the coverage has been so incredibly[...]
Congratulations on your thorough and insightful coverage of LGBTQ matters on both Rider campuses in the Feb. 22 issue of The Rider News. The combination of history, interviews, sur[...]