Use of Rider’s wireless network, nowires, has increased dramatically over the past several years. Today, 5,000 devices are connected daily, compared to 3,000 in 2014. The top desti[...]
To the editor: On behalf of the Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) program, I wish to thank The Rider News staff, especially Samantha Sawh, for its coverage of the 34th Gender and [...]
To the editor: I read with great interest the articles by Thomas Regan on the proposed new core curriculum for the College of Liberal Arts and Science (March 2, 2016). I thought th[...]
To the editor: I am writing in response to the recent announcement in The Rider News of faculty retirements, the President’s Town Hall Meeting, and recent letters in the paper from[...]
To the editor, As one of the department chairpersons at Rider, I find myself in an uncomfortable position. While I spend most of my time attending to professorial responsibilities,[...]
The alarm rang on Tuesday, March 22 at 6 a.m., and my phone screen was packed with notifications from the Associated Press, CNN, Le Soir and messages from my family and friends. Fa[...]
To the editor: We understand that the inauguration of a president is a rare occasion and should be recognized.  We find it hard, though, to ignore the harsh administrative actions [...]
Demeaning images matter.  Over the weekend, the Film and Media Studies program hosted a symposium focused on director Spike Lee and my role was to not only introduce one his most c[...]
To the Editor: My colleague Pam Brown places upon faculty the onus of campus-wide unhappiness and conflict when she suggests that faculty attendance at the president’s inauguration[...]
To the Editor: I recently read two items in The Rider News calling for a scaled down inauguration event for President Dell’Omo. I also have heard some faculty suggest that there be[...]
Dear Editor, I read with great interest your editorial regarding inauguration in the Feb. 10 issue of The Rider News. As the chair of the Inauguration Committee, I felt compelled t[...]