The November 4, 2015 Rider News included President Dell’Omo’s correction of the “conspiracies” surrounding the high compensation for Rider’s president in the midst of his proposed [...]
Today, I received a printed copy of the Nov. 4 issue of The Rider News. The coverage of the recently announced program and faculty cuts was excellent. The stories (by writers Thoma[...]
Dear President Dell’Omo: We write as the chair of the board of officers and executive director of the American Philosophical Association. We urge you and all those involved in maki[...]
I am a Rider graduate, and I, along with my fellow alumni, have been watching things closely regarding the changes at the university. In the last few weeks, I have read articles se[...]
Rider University’s faculty union advanced a proposal to save $5.5 million over three years, which would avoid the need for layoffs and program cutbacks, according Diane Campbell, p[...]
Last Thursday I felt like I was kicked in the stomach. I went home and cried, the first time since the death of my parents.   What happened? At a town hall meeting, President Dell’[...]
After finding out about the budget cuts, I was immediately saddened and disappointed. I found out through an email, and although I was not personally affected, I know plenty of peo[...]
Having just read the front-page story on Sunday in The Trenton Times (and the Star-Ledger) on enrollment at private colleges and universities in New Jersey and particularly at Ride[...]
Over the past several days, I have had the opportunity to speak with many members of our University community; both in large forums, over the phone, via email, and in person. I hav[...]
To the Editor: “Finality, not fairness” ended Herbert Richardson’s life: an all-white jury condemned him to death despite the obvious psychological trauma he suffered during the Vi[...]
To the Editor: I was saddened to learn of the death, last week, of Frank N. Elliott, fourth President of Rider University. Frank was elected to the presidency in 1969 at a time of [...]