Printed in the 09/30/15 issue.[...]
While millions of Muslims journeyed to Mecca for their annual pilgrimage, American Catholics also had the chance for their own religious excursion this year. Last week, multitudes [...]
“Oh, I heard that this happened in a few other buildings. He’s been seen all over campus,” one student said knowingly. “Wait, I didn’t know that!” another girl exclaimed, cov[...]
This school year is quickly beginning to pick up its pace and rush onward. The warm air is starting to turn slightly cooler, and fall is here. But many Rider students are still tak[...]
It’s no secret that college-aged students are addicted to their social media accounts. The time dedicated toward sharing selfies with Snapchat friends, tweeting daily mishaps and p[...]
A student staggers up to the bookstore checkout, arms overflowing with heavy textbooks and cumbersome supplies. Her eyes widen and her ears ring as the price scanner bings, bings, [...]
There is no doubt that the high cost of required course textbooks is an issue for Rider students as well as for just about everybody attending a college or university in the U.S. H[...]
            Printed in the 09/23/15 issue.[...]
On Sept. 7, the university hosted its first ever Rider Rumble on Daly’s Field. This was a series of events that had all of the freshmen from different dorms compete in numerous spo[...]
Did you ever watch The Nutty Professor and have the urge to change the world? Neither did Tom Shadyac, famed Hollywood director of the film and other comedies such as Ace Ventura a[...]
Dear Students, As I began my retirement on July 31, after 12 years as president, I shared a letter with the Rider community in which I expressed my strong feelings for the universi[...]