As Pokémon celebrates its 20th anniversary, Niantic released what may be the most ambitious project the company has ever known: Pokémon GO. For those that are still unaware, Pokémo[...]
This Thursday, the Eco Reps will be in the SRC Atrium from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., hoping to talk about an important issue that is decorating headlines but maybe flew over the hea[...]
It’s graduation day, and the sun gleams down on a young student as she slowly approaches the stage. She shakes President Gregory Dell’Omo’s hand, grinning broadly, and she takes he[...]
      Printed in the 9/21/16 issue.[...]
My first year at Rider, I quickly discovered it was a suitcase school. Most weekends, I’d be hanging around campus wondering where everyone went, if I didn’t go home myself. How ca[...]
It has become a topic discussed and debated about all across the nation. Countless stories speak through ink on newspapers or glow through brightly backlit articles online. From th[...]
            Printed in the 09/07/16 issue.[...]
This summer was the big one; I put on my newly purchased blazer and high heels, and sat in a shiny third floor office cubicle of one of the biggest Fortune 100 companies on the glo[...]
Fresh out of school, it’s something that weighs heavy on our shoulders. It seems to overshadow our accomplishments. It looms over our heads and inhibits our ability to consider app[...]
Power Shift is a national climate justice conference hosted by the Power Shift Network aimed at inspiring, teaching and building momentum among communities of climate activists. Wh[...]
Students who went on the January 2016 trip to Belize appreciated the opportunity to be exposed to the travel and instructive setting. Snorkeling, hiking the terrain of multiple isl[...]