Students who went on the January 2016 trip to Belize appreciated the opportunity to be exposed to the travel and instructive setting. Snorkeling, hiking the terrain of multiple isl[...]
Use of Rider’s wireless network, nowires, has increased dramatically over the past several years. Today, 5,000 devices are connected daily, compared to 3,000 in 2014. The top desti[...]
As this year’s tuition hike sneaked into every undergraduate’s mailbox back home, some of us crumpled the paper into a little ball and called it a day, while others cursed the univ[...]
At the end of each semester, students fill out evaluations describing how professors could have approached teaching differently or praising them for their wonderful work. Some of t[...]
Sometimes, it may be hard for students to decide what classes or professors to take. Luckily, there’s a great resource provided to them. RateMyProfessors.com is a website that was [...]
A letter arrives and students begin to scream and cry in anguish. Their parents feel the impending weight on their wallets. Something terrible has happened for our students and our[...]
As many of us made our way to the Bart Luedeke Center on April 18 and took in the warm weather that embraced the Campus Green, we could see above us bright blue skies. Below us on [...]
To the editor: On behalf of the Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) program, I wish to thank The Rider News staff, especially Samantha Sawh, for its coverage of the 34th Gender and [...]
Soon in Georgia, every public college and university classroom will stand out. Students will write notes tediously in their books and professors will stand at the helm as they alwa[...]
School shootings have unfortunately become a large problem. Many schools had to face the heartbreak gun violence can bring: death of loved ones. Solutions have been presented, such[...]
The Campus Green was illuminated by a bonfire that danced and sparked through the night as students celebrated the ending of Rider’s presidential inauguration week on April 8. What[...]