Printed in the 11/30/16 issue.  [...]
The end of the semester looms overhead, unleashing a heavy downpour of papers, exams and final projects onto students. For many, these last few weeks of class are a time where we f[...]
After celebrating Thanksgiving and enjoying home-cooked meals, students should pay attention to what they’re eating their leftovers with. We eat with plastic silverware, as they’re[...]
With finals approaching, some students are trying to figure out what time and place would be best to study, but what about those students who have final papers? How do you write a [...]
Sitting in a classroom, I never imagined I would see some of my peers cry. Logging onto social media, I never considered that my friends and family held the strong opinions they ex[...]
As a campus, we need to unite as one. I will say this time and time again and I will stand by this until the day I die — we cannot allow hate to win. We banded together in times wh[...]
Winter is coming, and Rider students will soon be enjoying the heat in their dorm rooms and filling up on warm meals in Daly’s, Cranberry’s or the Dining Commons. With access to th[...]
The leaves on the trees are turning a striking shade of red. People all over the country are buying plane tickets to visit family and planning menus for Thanksgiving Dinner. Autumn[...]
This week, most of your families will be searching the supermarkets for the best Butterball turkey they can find, along with everyone’s favorite stuffing, cranberry sauce and all o[...]
          by Sophie Vakalis Printed in the 11/16/16 issue.[...]
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