Halloween is the holiday where you don’t have to be yourself. You can be anything you want. You can be an animal, a crayon, a bumblebee, an oxymoron or a literal representation of [...]
Leaves are finally falling off of the trees, people are acting strangely and there are scary things on the news all day — not only is it election season, it’s almost Halloween. In [...]
While some of us are enjoying pumpkin picking, spiced lattes or hayrides, I admit I am totally frightened, not by clowns, the presidential candidates or New Jersey’s gas tax, but b[...]
Facebook’s homepage finally loads. Instantly, my attention is pushed and pulled by the onslaught of articles that my friends share. On the surface, this does not seem like a bad th[...]
      Printed in the 10/26/16 issue. [...]
It’s a quarter of the way through senior year. A student suffocates under the pile of schoolwork and responsibility. The classes are harder and the stakes much higher, as her futur[...]
Every Wednesday and Thursday, I have to silence my phone. Not put on vibrate — silence. Otherwise, my phone would be buzzing and beeping through classes and meetings. And this is n[...]
Although it feels like yesterday I was printing my syllabus and finding my classes, the reality is we are already six weeks into the semester and that means midterms are coming fas[...]
            Printed in the 10/19/16 issue.[...]
At Rider and Westminster, we don’t realize how lucky we are. Our showers are always running with water. There is always a water fountain so we can stop and have a drink. Water is a[...]
From news stations to newspapers, the upcoming election is a leading topic across all media. However, for us college students, the political discussion we more frequently take part[...]