Printed in the 02/03/16 issue.[...]
In just three semesters at Rider University, I’ve encountered one significant episode of plagiarism, and a couple of students who together cheated on a pair of quizzes. Each incide[...]
Dear Dr. Greg Dell’Omo, I am writing to suggest that you cancel your inauguration celebration. There are several reasons for doing so. As you have been insisting since last fall, R[...]
To the Editor: I would like to amplify what my colleague Dr. Mickey Hess noted in his Nov. 17 letter to The Rider News concerning the “performance bonus” that will, without a doubt[...]
The end of January has been known to bring blizzards. But it is hard to prepare for these unpredictable storms. The Rider Facilities Team prepared well and managed to keep campus c[...]
It’s lunchtime, and empty stomachs and impatient students pack into Daly’s. A young man strolls over to the pizza station. To his complete and utter dismay, there is no pizza. He t[...]
Most of us can already hear sleigh bells and feel the warmth of our beds at home. The end of the semester is upon us, and we are so ready for a break. However, vegging out the enti[...]
              Published in the 12/09/15 issue.[...]
To the editor, It has become clear that the administration of Rider University is unable to sustain the quality institution it has created. In particular, it should concern current[...]
Chris Christie sat on live television the morning of Dec. 1, staring at Joe Scarborough as he was asked if he believed in climate change. The New Jersey governor, a supposedly educ[...]
To the Editor: As I sit here typing this letter, the Rider men’s basketball team has lost yet again and stands with a record of 1-5. It looks like the beginning of yet another medi[...]