Two weeks ago, The Rider News featured an article on the front page asking students if they’re happy. The bottom line is that Rider students have been ranked among The Princeton Re[...]
A student wakes up to the light of her cell phone. Before getting out of bed, she opens her Rider email and flips through the new messages in her inbox. She goes through the motion[...]
Bill Nye The Science Guy so eloquently — and hilariously — repeated in his appearance at Rider on April 23 that we, as millennials, are the generation that must “change the world.”[...]
A recent article was published in The Rider News that informed readers how Rider has been ranked among The Princeton Review’s “least happy students” three times within the past fiv[...]
            Printed in the 04/29/15 issue.[...]
As we say goodbye to Rider’s sixth president, we have heard many words of praise for President Mordechai Rozanski. While we at The Rider News have only been at Rider for a handful [...]
Back in January, a controversial issue known as Deflategate arose in the sports industry in regards to the deflation of footballs. The coach of the team in question explained this [...]
            Printed in the 04/22/15 issue.[...]
The harsh winter is slowly giving way to what could be a beautiful spring. Spring brings warmer weather and outdoor fun. There are many adventures to be had now that the cold winds[...]
Whether we use Facebook to tell the world that we finally aced that exam we’ve been stressing about, or we detail a great day with friends on Snapchat, social media serves as both [...]
With graduation right around the corner, seniors have started their scramble to figure out the question of “What comes next?” In addition, many are also starting their search for w[...]