Bees and wasps have been present on campus since the start of the semester but have become a real nuisance the past few weeks. With temperatures dropping, many other insects are dy[...]
To whom it may concern: My name is Julia Kirk, and I am a former writer and employee of The Rider News. Up until this point, I have had nothing but respect and support for this org[...]
Even though the contract negotiations are barely over, it seems like they ended long ago. After all, a lot has happened recently. There was the unfortunate accident last Monday and[...]
Have you seen the two new signs that were installed in the Bart Luedeke Center administrative parking lot? As part of Rider’s commitment to sustainability, these parking spaces are[...]
A Hindu woman was shopping at the popular bargain  store Marshalls. While sifting through the shirts, she stumbled upon one that angered her greatly — a T-shirt adorned with the fa[...]
Picture this: you wake up ready to start the day but realize something is different about your room. The space that you took hours setting up and cleaning is now littered with wate[...]
I need to work out, but it’s too cold outside.” Around this time of the year, we will hear this on a daily basis. The weather is getting colder and the snow will be here before we [...]
                  Printed in the 10/15/14 issue.[...]
Nowadays when you walk down the street, almost everyone is looking down at his or her latest iPhone or Android device. They may be texting a friend or scrolling through the numerou[...]
The faculty negotiations are over and many feel like there is nothing to worry about. However, with the faculty contract up for renewal again in only three years, our younger stude[...]
Rider is our home away from home, a place where we should feel safe and comfortable. We should not have to worry about impending danger as we walk this campus. However, it is becom[...]