Local and national newspapers have been filled with articles about alternative energy — and with good reason. Before fossil fuels, America’s main source of energy was burning wood.[...]
It can be frustrating to hear people complaining about the narcissism they claim to see in our generation. We are told that we aren’t trying hard enough when we complain about not [...]
Many people, including our current crop of teens, feel like our generation is lazy. Just because things in the world have changed drastically from the last generation does not mean[...]
                Printed in the 12/03/14 issue.[...]
Social media are generally used for fun and games, chatting with friends and family, and sharing your every move and thought with the world. Like anything, if used correctly social[...]
The semester is finally fading into numbered days. Among the stress and anticipation of these last few weeks, students at Rider are feeling something else — excitement. The decorat[...]
On behalf of the staff of The Rider News, I would like to express our disappointment and confusion over not being invited to the off-campus meetings with the university’s final pre[...]
The end of November brings cold weather, and with it, the end of the fall semester. Everyone is excited to go home and get away from the stress that school brings. The holidays are[...]
                  Printed in the 11/19/14 issue.[...]
A simple five-letter word has instilled fear among Americans. This word has caused many across the nation to obsess over hygiene, dread contact with their own neighbors and compuls[...]
First of all, I should start off by clarifying that I am not accusing any fraternity, sorority, organization or team on Rider’s campus of hazing. That being said, I was still disgu[...]