Climate change doesn’t just affect certain areas and it doesn’t skip us college students — it affects all of humankind. Our altitude at Rider is about 95 feet, and over in Ewing, n[...]
With presidential elections forthcoming in 2016, a large number of politicized issues are being discussed frequently in conjunction with candidate campaigns. One of these is crucia[...]
The Rider community is quite the fashionable one. Walking around campus, you see all sorts of styles from business attire to comfy sweats. We all have our own style, but have you e[...]
The warmth of summer is fading into a new season here at Rider. The weather is starting to grow colder, and darkness is arriving earlier. All of this is fitting, as the end of this[...]
Looking around Rider, it’s hard to miss the recycling bins located all around campus. From Cranberry’s, to the academic buildings, it’s clear that our university cares. But what wo[...]
The United States recently had the privilege of welcoming Pope Francis as he visited Washington D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia. While in the U.S., the pope spoke on a variet[...]
This school year is quickly beginning to pick up its pace and rush onward. The warm air is starting to turn slightly cooler, and fall is here. But many Rider students are still tak[...]
It’s no secret that college-aged students are addicted to their social media accounts. The time dedicated toward sharing selfies with Snapchat friends, tweeting daily mishaps and p[...]
Did you ever watch The Nutty Professor and have the urge to change the world? Neither did Tom Shadyac, famed Hollywood director of the film and other comedies such as Ace Ventura a[...]
Bill Nye The Science Guy so eloquently — and hilariously — repeated in his appearance at Rider on April 23 that we, as millennials, are the generation that must “change the world.”[...]
Back in January, a controversial issue known as Deflategate arose in the sports industry in regards to the deflation of footballs. The coach of the team in question explained this [...]