By Josh Veltrie ’11 This summer I was lucky to enough to enjoy the experience of a lifetime: working the Olympics in London. Being able to see Europe for the first time while[...]
This blog post was written as a reaction to Dr. Simonet’s blog post. To read Dr. Simonet’s post click here. By Dr. David R. Dewberry The times, they are a changing. Bob[...]
By Dr. Thomas Simonet ESSAY QUESTIONS (choose one): 1. Analyze the impacts of the Napoleonic Code on the Holy Roman Empire. 2. How should a professor dress?   I think I’m goin[...]
By Dr. Jonathan Millen Associate Dean, Liberal Arts I have had a strange 24 hours.  Last night I was at Carnegie Hall to see a Ryan Adams concert; this morning I was getting a root[...]
By Amar Kapadia So… I just found out that I’m graduating this May 2012.  What’s the big deal, you ask?  Well, as a non-traditional student who’s a college senior, I find that it’s [...]
By Kaitlin Williamson The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon strive to help the community in many ways, including attending Community Day at the YMCA in Trenton. The YMCA is a place for [...]
By Neil Rasbury Well, what can I say about being a new Resident Advisor? First off, let me start off with why I wanted to be an RA.  I had planned on becoming a RA since my senior [...]
Those who know me most likely expected my first-ever blog to be about music. The Beatles, Dylan, or Ryan Adams (look him up). Or hockey (the Bruins), baseball (Sox(Red)), or footba[...]
On a Sunday early in March, I, Justine Claire Aronson, got married to myself.  While I was disappointed to hear that Sue Sylvester had already hilariously covered this territory on[...]
By Emily Landgraf On Saturday, Jan. 8, I was attending the Investigate Reporters and Editor’s (IRE) Campus Coverage Project in Phoenix at Arizona State University. The day was warm[...]
Many semesters ago, a student asked me what I like to do in my free time. I usually reply that I like to read about whatever it is I’m teaching. But one time I responded, “I like t[...]